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With years of experience and a knack for planning beautiful ceremonies, you can count on us when in need of a professional Maui wedding planner.We understand how important your wedding day is. We also understand how stressful the planning process can be, especially for someone organizing a wedding for the first time. When you're about to say "I do" in front of the people you love most, perfection becomes a priority. And this is where an experienced Maui wedding professional can help.

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WHy Hire a maui wedding planner

All beautiful weddings start with saying "Yes!". The moment your beloved got down on one knee marks the start of a lovely new beginning. 
Your wedding day though, marks the moment you officially tie the knot. And for it to be perfect, you should consider working with professionals only.
A Maui wedding planner has the experience and knowledge needed to outline a beautiful ceremony from start to finish. As professionals, we're able to provide you with the location, assistance and customized services that best fit your needs. 
We understand the importance of a uniquely planned wedding. And you deserve to work with a team of wedding professionals when it comes to the most important day of your life.
A Maui wedding planner is able to advise on floral arrangements, professional photography services and recommend an experienced on-site ceremony coordinator.
In addition, we offer various concierge services, beach wedding permits and insurance. Our preferred vendor list will also be made available to you, if you decide to opt for professional hair and makeup services.
Any wedding planning task that you're not fond of, you can forget about. We're here to help you plan your perfect ceremony and allow you to relax while your Maui wedding consultant does all the work.

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When to hire a maui wedding planner

The ideal time to decide on a Maui wedding consultant is sooner rather than later. But before you decide on professional wedding planning services, discuss these important details with your partner first.

1. Where will your wedding take place? - Let us know exactly what your dream wedding location is, so we can assist you with finding the perfect spot to get married. This will help us narrow down the search and allow you to pick the perfect special place you'll walk down the isle.

2. Where will the reception take place? - In order to plan a perfectly detailed wedding reception, let us know where do you see yourself toasting for the first time as a married couple. This will help us come up with a detailed list of vendors and allow you to choose the ones you prefer.

3. How do you picture your Maui wedding day? - The perfect time to talk to a Maui wedding consultant is right when you're able to close your eyes and see yourself walking down the isle. Let us know all about the wedding theme of your dreams and allow us to take care of the details.

Every couple deserves a perfectly unique planned wedding. Let us know how perfection looks to you and we'll take care of everything, from start to finish.

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The Trend of an Intimate Maui Wedding over a Large Destination Wedding Affair

The very reason that we decided to launch this intimate maui weddings website is because we have been following a very unique and awesome trend over the last several years of couples seeking out a more simple destination wedding. Let’s face it, weddings can be costly and destination weddings are a serious commitment. We have been seeing an increase in couple’s wanting that Pinterest pretty ceremony and opting for a large wedding reception when they get home with extended family and friends.. What your going to find on our website are beautiful, well thought out, perfect Maui beach wedding and intimate Maui wedding ceremony packages at private venues that offer you all the luxuries of a full gala affair, but at the cost of a simple Maui wedding. We wholeheartedly believe that every couple and every wedding is different. While you may be deciding on one of our stunning Maui wedding packages, please know that your wedding day will be as unique as the love the two of you share.

The level of professionalism left me feeling at ease throughout the entire planning process and when the wedding day came, I enjoyed every minute of “our Maui Wedding” without having to worry about anything. Things went flawlessly and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect, stress free, BEAUTIFUL wedding! Each detail, from start to finish, was personal to us and was exactly what I asked for. Thank you Bliss for an unforgettable wedding! - Bride Lauren

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