Beach Wedding Ceremonies

5 Don'ts When Planning Maui Beach Weddings

Maui beach weddings can be incredibly romantic! 

There's nothing like saying "I do" with the ocean as your witness. You, your future spouse and your family and closest friends all gather to celebrate the most important day of your life. 

But your first day as husbands and wives can quickly take a turn for the worst! Planning Maui beach weddings, even small and intimate events, isn't as easy as it may seem.

In order for your day at the beach to be perfect, you need to consider every single detail and possible turn of events! Although Maui beach weddings have become increasingly popular, consider these big 5 "don'ts" before you decide to get married at the beach.

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1. Maui beach weddings call for appropriate bridal and groom attire

While classic weddings usually call for a traditional, white theme, Maui beach weddings can be planned to you liking.

If you plan an oceanfront wedding, avoid wearing the long, classic dress and high heeled wedding shoes! Imagine how unpleasant it would be to drag your dress through the sand and walk in uncomfortable shoes down the sandy isle.

2. Always have a backup plan in case of unpleasant Maui beach wedding weather

Planning perfect Maui beach weddings takes time and effort. But imagine a scenario where you plan everything to the very last detail, but suddenly the weather decides to ruin your day!

Have a backup plan in case it starts to rain and plan ahead in case of strong wind. Don't underestimate the hot sun either. Have plenty of sunscreen to offer your guests as they arrive. Nobody wants to leave a beautiful wedding with a nasty sunburn. 

3. Don't forget about the comfort of your guests at Maui beach weddings

When you can't wait to say your carefully crafted vows, a Maui beach wedding sounds like a perfect plan! But have you thought about the comfort of your guests? 

Make sure you have enough chairs for your elderly guests attending the ceremony and don't forget to make the location accessible for anyone who might need special assistance.

4. Not all photographers are able to work with a picture perfect wedding backdrop

Unfortunately, not doing enough research when it comes to your wedding photographer can turn out to be a mistake!

When your wedding backdrop is picture perfect, you can't expect your wedding photos to look anything less. Still, many wedding photographers have little experience and "forget" to take into account the technical aspect of the job. The sun's position, the water reflection, every detail counts when taking professional pictures.

5. Don't forget to research the perfect spot for your Maui beach wedding

It's impossible to plan beach wedding on just any beach. In order for everything to be perfect, you need to research and compare a few beaches first and make your final decision when you're absolutely sure!

Maui beach weddings are supposed to be intimate. Choose a beach that is long and wide enough and avoid public places where people you've never met before could interfere with your event.

Must Have Maui Beach Wedding Pictures

Can't wait to get married and start a new life together? Well, then you're also probably anxious to admire your beautiful Maui beach wedding pictures!

Weddings are wonderful events that get everyone excited. But your ceremony and reception will be over. Your Maui beach wedding photos will be all that's left to remind you of your exciting day!

Since you'll admire your beach wedding pictures for years to come, it's always a good idea to choose the best wedding photography service there is. You want your pictures to be perfect. And you'll want your memories to last forever.

A great wedding photographer always has bright and fun ideas. But just to make sure your photos will be perfect, here are a few ideas to render your Maui beach wedding pictures unique. And also fun to look at as you and your spouse will grow old together.

Get ready to get your feet wet and take some amazing photos! 

Maui Beach Wedding Photos.png

Maui beach wedding pictures in the sand are a lot of fun

Sand makes for a fun and friendly setting to take pictures.

A classic pose, with you two lovers holding hands and kissing is the picture perfect moment any bride and groom should immortalize. 

But sand can be used to take so many other great pictures! 

Lying down on the beach and looking into the sunset is another cute pose you could try. Drawing hearts in the sand and standing right in the middle, kissing, makes for another great Maui beach wedding picture. 

But sand can be used to create the perfect setting for your rings or wedding shoes to be immortalized. 

Sandy shores make for amazing picture scenes. With a big of imagination and a great camera, you can create the most artistic everlasting memories. 

The ocean makes for the perfect setting for your Maui beach wedding photos

Maui beach wedding pictures taken by the sea make are the perfect way to document your wedding. 

When it's time to trash the dress, you can choose to hug and kiss right then and there, on the shoreline. If your dress, however, is a rental, have your spouse hold you up in their arms. There's nothing more romantic than simulating the carrying of the bride across the threshold. 

Oceanfront weddings are amazing for so many reasons. And the fact that you can pose for some gorgeous Maui beach wedding pictures, makes a wedding at the seaside even more special.

Take your Maui beach wedding pictures using props

Although the ocean makes for a stunning background for your photo shoot session, you can always add props and make your wedding pictures interesting.

Instead of a classic giant photo frame, you could hold a lifebuoy together, then kiss. Kites and beach balls make for fun and colorful props as well. Beach umbrellas, sun hats and glasses are just a few additional ideas.

Setting up the scene to take amazing wedding pictures isn't difficult. With just a bit of imagination and the right beach wedding props, you can immortalize more than just one picture perfect moment.

What do Maui Beach Wedding Packages Include

Have you ever dreamed of a gorgeous oceanfront wedding? Then you should start browsing through Maui beach wedding packages!

Planning a wedding at the beach is a wonderful idea. Getting married with your toes in the sand is as romantic as it gets! The sun and the infinite ocean make for the perfect witnesses to your beautiful love story coming alive!

But what about your beach wedding permit? And your guests, will they have to find accommodation on their own? 

Both these "problems" and more possible issues all deserve a professional solution. And all you need to do is find the perfect Maui beach wedding packages and narrow down your choice to the one that perfectly fits your needs.

So what do beach wedding packages include? Read on to learn what a team of professionals can do for you to enhance the romantic Maui beach wedding experience. 

Maui Beach Wedding Packages.png

Finding the perfect beach for your onceanfront ceremony

Saying "I do" on a sandy, white beach sounds perfect! But where will you find the perfect spot to officiate the ceremony? Since finding the perfect beach takes time and implies a lot of research, opting for Maui beach wedding packages that offer assistance is probably a good idea.

No Maui beach wedding package comes without your own officiant

When you decide on a Maui beach wedding package, make sure it comes with your very own officiant. If you don't have someone specific in mind, you can save time and stay stress free! Someone will be there to pronounce you officially married.

Maui beach wedding packages should come with the perfect bridal bouquet & groom's boutonniere

Your bridal bouquet is a must at your wedding! And if you're hoping to look like the perfect couple in love, see if the Maui beach wedding package you choose comes with a groom's boutonniere to compliment the flowers in your hand.

Where will you find a professional photographer? 

If your search for the perfect wedding photography service seems to be going nowhere, see if the beach wedding packages you're choosing from come with a a professional who's great at wedding photography coverage.

A complete beach wedding package comes with an on-site coordinator 

If you want everything to go smooth and have a perfect ceremony, narrow down your beach wedding package search to the ones that come with an on site coordinator. 

Beach Wedding Permit & Liability Insurance - check!

Planning your own wedding is romantic and exciting! But you can't say "yes" without a valid wedding permit! Liability insurance should also be considered, and a complete beach wedding package should help the bride and groom prepare everything they need to get married in style.

A preferred vendor list, concierge services, room block assistance

Do you need help finding the perfect wedding vendors? Or maybe you need guidance with booking your guests' rooms and planning fun activities! The perfect Maui beach wedding packages should definitely help the bride and groom plan everything, stress free. And offering such services is the perfect something extra the perfect wedding planner can take care of.

Ideas for Maui Beach & Wedding Ceremonies on a Budget

Is it possible to save money on a wedding? When you want to plan perfect beach & wedding ceremonies, being cheap is the last thing you want or need to do.

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. And you and your guests deserve for everything to be amazing.

Planning for a beach and wedding ceremony isn't easy. But there are still plenty ways you can have a perfect wedding without overspending. 

If you're looking for a way to celebrate your love and save some money at the same time, here are few ideas that can help. 

Maui Beach and Wedding Ceremonies.png

1. Choose an affordable Maui beach ceremony location

Is an oceanfront wedding something you've always dreamed of? Then don't give up on your dream ceremony just because the venues seem expensive!

Looking for an alternative location to say "yes" in front of the big, blue ocean is not impossible. 

For instance, getting married "off season" might be an idea. Asking for wedding group discounts or booking for a minimum number of guests might come with certain budget perks

2. Rent your wedding dress or tuxedo instead of buying them

If you're looking for an affordable solution to buying a new wedding dress or tux, consider renting!

You can still look gorgeous when walking down the isle. And your future spouse will still be amazed when they see you look so beautiful. 

If you can bare the idea of returning your wedding attire after the big event, you can save a lot of money by simply "borrowing" the clothing items you need.

3. Do-it-yourself Maui beach & wedding ceremonies decorations

Once you choose your wedding theme, handling the decorations becomes the next important step. But if your budget gets in the way, choosing the right ones can become a difficult process.

If you're looking to plan a Maui beach and wedding ceremony on a budget, why not handcraft some of your decor items yourself? 

Paper flowers, homemade candles, even hand made seating cards can help you stay within your wedding budget.

4. Have a custom made wedding ring, on a budget

Gold is expensive. But you can still save on your wedding ring!

If you have old jewelry laying around your house, you can skip buying a new wedding ring and simply have a jeweler design a simple wedding band for you. 

An unusual design might not be a good option if you're looking to save money. But a simple, elegant and inexpensive wedding band is all you need to promise eternal love to the person you want to share your life with. 

5. Hire an experienced planner for your Maui beach and wedding ceremony

This may seem counterproductive for staying within budget, but hiring a wedding planner can actually save you more in the long run.

An experienced wedding planner has the necessary knowledge and resources to help you save with the vendors and everything else. If you need to get the best bang for your buck, someone with experience in planning beach and wedding ceremonies can definitely be of assistance.

8 Gorgeous Ideas for a Maui Oceanfront Wedding

A Maui oceanfront wedding is a fabulous idea that's becoming widely popular. With a romantic and gorgeous view of the endless ocean, who wouldn't love to say "I do" while dipping their toes in the sand?

But an oceanfront wedding deserves a proper planning. 

If you plan to get married and have a Maui waterfront wedding ceremony, here are 8 wonderful ideas you can 'steal' and organize a perfectly fabulous beach themed wedding.

Maui Waterfront Wedding.png

1. Choose the perfect wedding dress for your Maui oceanfront wedding

If you want your wedding dress to be perfect, choose one that 'goes' with the ocean theme. 

A flowing wedding dress makes for a gorgeous choice. And as far as colors go, you can either choose the classic white or a light, pastel color to contrast the sand. 

2. Order a beach-themed wedding cake

When your wedding ceremony takes place on the beach, making sure the food is in theme is a wonderful idea to make your wedding even more interesting.

Choose your wedding cake accordingly. You can go with a classic, elegant wedding cake, sprinkled with ocean themed decorations: colorful and edible ocean corals, sugar cake seashells and beach themed wedding cake toppers.

3. Have an ocean themed wedding flowers and bridal bouquet

When it comes to your Maui oceanfront wedding flowers and bouquet, choose a beach themed flower combination. 

Beach roses, morning glories or hibiscus make for great choices. Choose the flowers to match the color of your wedding dress and you'll amaze everyone invited!

4. Choose beach themed decorations for your Maui oceanfront ceremony

Beach flowers, seashells or seahorses make for fabulous Maui waterfront wedding decorations.

For the perfect beach ceremony, keep the decorations to a minimum and choose the right colors to match your bridal dress and contrast the sand.

Maui Oceanfront Wedding.png

5. Go with ocean themed wedding invitations

When planning to get married with the ocean as your witness, go with invitations that match your theme.

Opt for desert sand color or blue printable paper and go with an elegant, beach themed design. 

6. Choose appropriate centerpieces and decor elements for the tables

If your wedding ceremony takes place exlusively on the beach, impress your guests with ocean themed wedding centerpieces and elements of decor.

Let your imagination fly and make the sea life come alive. You can decorate your tables with unique sea shells, urchins or flowers. Candles make for a romantic addition as well.

7. Maui oceanfront wedding favor ideas

Instead of classic wedding favors, you can opt for wonderfully designed Maui waterfront wedding favors.

You can offer seaside themed jewels, anchor shaped bottle openers or personalized sunscreen bottles for every guest. Everyone invited will appreciate the thought.

8. Have your ring bearer carry your wedding rings in an elegant seashell

When the time comes to place the rings on each other's fingers, have the ring bearer present them in an elegant and original manner. 

Opt for a beautiful seashell instead of a ring pillow. And make sure to have your wedding photographer capture the moment, you'll want to remember this for the rest of your life.

With such pretty and wonderful ideas, you can rest assure all your wedding guests will be impressed and will remember your big event for many years to come!

5 Details to Discuss With Your Maui Beach Wedding Planner

When you're getting married and plan a romantic oceanfront wedding, having a professional Maui beach wedding planner help you out is a great idea. 

Hiring someone to help with the planning of a wedding is almost always recommended. If you plan a small, simple ceremony, you might be able to take care of every detail on your own. But when you plan a wedding at the beach, even the smallest ceremony & reception can turn out to be a hassle to organize.

Saying "I do" and having your first kiss as a married couple in front of the endless ocean can be an unforgettable experience. And having a Maui beach wedding planner take care of certain details can be a blessing. Here are 5 important details you simply must run by a professional when getting married at the beach. 

Maui Beach Ceremony Planner.png

Discuss the location with your Maui wedding beach planner

The ocean and the beaches alongside it are generally open to the public. But when it comes to planning a wedding, where exactly do you see yourself having the ceremony? 

While many would prefer to avoid the hassle of renting a beach venue for the big day, in certain cases it may be best. And a Maui ceremony beach planner knows exactly what to recommend, based on your personal preferences.

Let your beach wedding planner know where you plan to have your reception

Planning a simple beach ceremony is not the same as planning the reception at the same location. 

If you want your first dance as a married couple to be on the sand, let your Maui beach wedding planner in on this particular detail. They will obtain the ordinances and permits in a timely fashion and organize your event without too much hassle.

Have your Maui beach ceremony planner make arrangements for a backup plan

Bad weather can really ruin a wedding if there's no backup plan.

Although it's not a pleasant topic, discussing the possibility of heavy rain pouring over you and your guest is always recommended. See what your Maui beach ceremony planner suggests and come up with a plan together. Weather can be tricky, so it's best to be prepared.

Debate the pros and cons of a seasonal wedding with your beach wedding planner

A professional Maui beach wedding planner knows all about the pros and cons of planning a seasonal event. Many couples tend to plan their weddings during the high season. But there are many more aspects to consider when planning a ceremony, aside from the weather!

Discuss these details with a ceremony planner and weigh in the pros and cons. You might be surprised at how great an off season beach wedding sounds!

Ask your wedding planner about possible issues when getting married at the beach

Last but not least, make sure to discuss the little details with your wedding planner as well.

Will people be able to hear you say "I do"? Is accessibility going to be a problem?

Discuss every little detail with a professional and let them help you plan your dream wedding. You and your guests deserve to have an amazing time and create fabulous memories to last for years to come. 

The 3 Secrets to Planning a Romantic Maui Beach Wedding

Maui beach weddings are renown for being extraordinary romantic. Nothing says "I will love you forever" like a fabulous wedding ceremony near the ocean.

All Hawaiian weddings are special. Family and friends gathering for the most important day in a newly wed couple's life, is always a reason to celebrate. A Maui beach ceremony though, can really make your day memorable and uniquely wonderful. 

If you were dreaming about having a Maui beach wedding ever since you were little, find out which are the 3 little secrets to planning a perfect ceremony.

Beach Theme Wedding Ceremony.png


1. Plan ahead for bad weather

When you're getting married at the beach, it is possible you may overlook one particular detail. From all the excitement and elation, you may forget to take bad weather into consideration.

The planning of a Maui beach wedding usually starts weeks or months in advance. While choosing to have your ceremony during wedding peak months is wise, it's important to have a plan B, just in case meteorologists are wrong.

A little rain shouldn't be a reason to panic though. But nor should it be a reason to have your special day ruined! Make sure the venue that hosts your wedding has plenty space to protect all your guests in case of bad weather. 

Your Maui beach wedding should remain forever a beautiful memory, and not be remembered as that day when it rained as you got married.

2. Take good care of all your Maui beach wedding guests

When planning a wedding, outlining a final guest list is imperative. You need to know how many guests will be attending and also, what is the best way to take care of them.

The secret to a successful Maui beach wedding is to make sure everyone has a great time! You and your life partner, your family, friends and loved ones. 

Burying your toes in the sand as you say "I do" sounds perfect! But can your elderly grandma stand the whole time? 

Make sure you plan ahead and have enough chairs or accommodation options to fit everyone's particular needs. 

3. Plan ahead in case of hot weather

Are you planning a Maui beach ceremony during hot summer months? While making sure you and your guests are protected in case if rain is a must, it is also imperative that you consider protecting your guests from excessive heat!

The first safety precaution is making sure you have enough water to keep your guests hydrated. In addition, and surely to everyone's delight, have cold, refreshing drinks available and maybe a wedding lemonade stand. There's nothing like a fresh lemonade to take kids' and adults' minds of the heat!

Last but not least, make sure your guests will be protected from sunburn. Have enough sunblock for every person attending and, of course, offer the right protection for kids, as well as for adults.

Have you guessed what's the big secret to a perfect Maui beach ceremony? It's making sure everyone is having a lovely time, celebrating you and your future spouse while you kiss for the first time as a married couple in front, of the boundless ocean.