Hawaii Wedding Planning

Getting Married in Hawaii - Tips To Plan The Perfect Wedding

Getting married in Hawaii is as romantic as it gets! 

The state makes for an amazing and special wedding destination and many brides and grooms to be dream of a Hawaiian beach ceremony. 

But how much planning does getting married in Hawaii involve? 

Some oceanfront weddings are easy to plan, other ceremonies involve an abundance of details. Depending on your idea of a perfect wedding in Hawaii, here are some planning tips to help you get started. 

Wedding in Hawaii.png

1. Getting married in Hawaii requires you to have a marriage license

A license to get married in Hawaii is not difficult to obtain. You need, however, to make sure you're prepared!

Take some time to research the Hawaii marriage license requirements and prepare everything you need ahead of time. 

2. Research the most romantic spots in the area before you decide where you want to say "I do" in Hawaii

If you plan on getting married in Hawaii, Google might be your best friend when it comes to research! 

What's the best spot to get married in Hawaii? 
Are beach weddings a good fit for you and your future spouse? Or maybe you prefer to book a wedding resort on Maui for the special occasion. 

Beautiful Hawaii is home to some of the world's most romantic places. Make sure you start your research as early as possible and pick the perfect spot for you and you loved one to unite your destines, create lifelong memories and live happily ever after.

3. Make sure you can afford to get married in Hawaii

Getting married in Hawaii doesn't need to be expensive. But before you decide or plan anything specific, make sure you have the budget for it.

Would you prefer a small, simple beach ceremony, where you and your soul mate only need the ocean as your witness? Or are you looking forward to a luxurious wedding, where your family and friends can all celebrate the joyous occasion together? 

Decide on the type you wedding you prefer and start planning your event accordingly.

4. Have a backup plan in case bad weather decides to ruin your wedding day in Hawaii 

Hawaii is renown for its beautiful weather, but rain showers and strong winds are not that uncommon on the Pacific islands.

Have a backup plan, in case the weather decides to play tricks on your big day and make sure your veil or your wedding decorations won't suddenly be blown away by the wind. 

5. Hire a wedding planner to help you organize the most important day of you life

Many couples decide on getting married in Hawaii. But few are aware of the many advantages that come with hiring a wedding planner.

Whether or not you live in Hawaii, having an expert help plan out your wedding can be a huge advantage. Not only can a wedding planner save you money, but they can also help you get the best deals on the market and plan a beautiful wedding you're going to remember forever.

Hawaii Wedding Hairstyles - Tips For Every Type of Hair

Are you getting married soon but can't decide between so many Hawaii wedding hairstyle options? 

Many stylists today specialize in Hawaii wedding hairstyles. And along with finding the perfect bridal dress and shoes, you'll need to find the perfect hairstyle as well. 

Whether you have long or curly hair, short and thick or thin, here are a few tips and tricks you can follow to emphasize your stunning looks. Find the perfect Hawaii wedding hairstyles to choose from and get ready to look your best as you say "I do"!

Hawaii Wedding Hairstyle.png

Long hair Hawaii wedding hairstyles

Brides to be who have long hair also have the opportunity to "play" with a few hairstyles until they find the perfect look. From ponytails and braids, to curls and twists, the longer the hair, the more varied the hairstyle options. However, if your hair is oily, it may be a good idea to avoid wearing it down. 

Hairstyles for brides with short hair

Although short hair offers future brides less hairstyle options, a good quality volumizing spray can do wonders for your Hawaii wedding hairstyle! And if your hair isn't short, but medium or even chin length, consult with your hairstylist on the best wedding hairstyle option that will make you pop as a bride! Curls, for instance, often make for a great and quite a popular choice!

Curly hair Hawaii bridal hairstyle

Often times, brides to be with natural curls tend to feel the need to straighten their hair for the big day. Although a big change can certainly have a beautiful impact on your looks, the decision to ditch the curls tends to backfire. To make sure your Hawaii wedding hairstyle really stands out, learn to embrace your natural looks! Use good quality styling products to avoid frizzy hair and expect to look amazing on your wedding day!

Hawaii wedding hairstyles for straight hair

Although straight hair is typically easier to "tame", radical hairstyle changes are not always the best choice for your wedding day. If you're looking to show off some curls, avoid going overboard and keep your curls loose. Alternatively, go for French twist hair or even an elegant, braided one side bun.

Best Hawaii wedding hairstyle for thin hair

Thin hair is typically more difficult to manage. But Hawaii wedding hairstyles needn't be dull! Braided hair makes for a wonderful choice for your wedding day. If your hair is thin, but long enough to look good in twist, go for it! And if you think your wedding hairstyle is too simple or boring, try adding some flowers, decorated pins or other accessories that compliment your wonderful bridal looks!

Wedding hairstyle tips for brides with thick hair   

Braids and French twists are perfect to compliment thick, bridal hair! And if your hair is long or medium length, you could consider wearing it down. Make sure to plan ahead for windy weather or a bridal dress without a veil. Prevent flyaway hair by using specific and good quality products and make sure you use non greasy styling products to avoid making your hair look oily.

Useful Hawaii Wedding Decorations Checklist

Thinking about how to set up some gorgeous Hawaii wedding decorations, but have no idea where to begin? 

Planning a wedding, whether it's lavish or intimate, requires a lot of focus. When it comes to your Hawaii wedding decor, it's not unusual to feel overwhelmed. 

You need to make sure you choose the right wedding venue, you have to consider inviting all your guests in due time, and so on. It's easy to get distracted and forget about the little details.

But if you're worried about your wedding not being perfect, here's a useful checklist to rely on when choosing your Hawaii wedding decorations. 

Decorations Hawaii Weddings.png

Get inspired by these Hawaii wedding decorations ideas for the ceremony

1. Have a welcome sign - Offer your guests a warm welcome and have a sign that greets them as they show up at your ceremony.

2. Decorate your ceremony arch or have a ceremony backdrop - Don't forget about the most important Hawaii wedding decorations: an elegant arch or a backdrop for your ceremony. 

3. Offer seating instructions for your guests - Guide your guests to where they should take a seat and watch you two lovebirds get married. 

4. Show the order of events using a program display - This way, everyone will know what to look forward to next.

5. Use aisle markers and decorate your aisle runner -  Say "I do" in style! Look for unique wedding decoration ideas for the guests' chairs at your ceremony and decorate your aisle runner for a touch of elegance.

Decorate the dinner tables with this gorgeous Hawaii wedding decor ideas

1. Wedding centerpieces - When it comes to Hawaii wedding decorations, centerpieces make for the most elegant touch at a dinner reception.

2. Decorate the tables with a runner or a flower garland - Make your dinner tables pop by having an elegant runner or even using a flower garland as a decor element.

3. Design your menus and place mats to look unique - Hire a calligrapher or do it yourself, but don't underestimate the menus and the placemats for the guests.

4. Have wedding chargers for a sit down, formal dinner - Render your dinner tables elegant by using wedding chargers. Your guests will appreciate your stylish efforts.

5. Decorate your chairs for an elegant touch - Don't underestimate the chairback decor. Add a touch of style to your dinner reception by decorating the chairs to match your wedding theme.

Render your reception unique with these Hawaii wedding decorations

1. Decorate your guest book table - It will be a pleasure for your guests to sign the guest book at your wedding!

2. Have an escort card display instead of a table - You'll have one more elegant way to decorate your venue and it will help guests find their seats in no time.

3. Decorate the ceiling with fabric, flowers or paper lanterns - Render your wedding more elegant by decorating it from head to toe!

4. Create photo backdrops using flowers, family photos or other unique elements - Ask your wedding photographer to help. You'll have a beautiful Hawaii wedding decor element and a place where guests can take a selfie or a photo with the happy couple!

5. Pay extra attention to lighting decor elements - Set the right mood by using candles, table lamps or tall paper lanterns.

How to Match Hawaii Bridesmaid Dresses with the Bridal Attire

What's the best material for Hawaii bridesmaid dresses? What length should the bridesmaids' gowns be?

Depending on your wedding theme, finding the perfect Hawaii bridesmaid dresses to match your bridal gown can be a hassle.

The bridal and the groom's attire are important. If you have been dreaming about your perfect wedding dress, you deserve to pick the one that you love most. Going shopping for a bridal gown first is definitely a wise decision.

Next on your wedding checklist though, is shopping for matching Hawaii bridesmaid dresses. And whether you believe it or not, choosing a style that fits in with your theme can be quite tricky. 

In case you're having trouble figuring out how to match every single outfit at your wedding, here's a quick guide to help you choose the right Hawaii bridesmaid dresses to go with your wedding style.

Hawaii Bridesmaid Gown.png

Hawaii Bridesmaid dresses for a romantic beach wedding

If you're planning to get married at the beach, shorter dresses always work best. Dragging your clothes through the sand is not a fun way to get married or watch your best friend say "I do". 

Both your wedding gown and your Hawaii bridesmaids' dresses should be beautiful, elegant and fun. 

If you'd like your bridesmaids' gowns to be a perfect match to your wedding style and theme, choose chiffon dresses that all look alike. They're comfortable and perfect for a romantic beach wedding!

However, if you'd like your bridesmaids to all wear different a style, don't hesitate to let them choose their own dresses. Agree on the length, colors and maybe choice of material that matches the theme of your wedding, and let your bridesmaids surprise you with their choice.

Maui bridesmaid dresses to go with a classic, ballgown wedding attire

Formal, ballgown wedding dresses call for formal, matching bridesmaids' gowns.

If your wedding is going to be elegant and sophisticated, then your choice for Hawaii bridesmaid dresses must match your theme.

Long gowns work best in this particular case. Length inspires elegance and, depending on your final choice for your dresses, it can also also inspire luxury. 

Chiffon makes for the perfect choice when it comes to elegant gown materials. Satin or jersey, with a touch of lace could also be an interesting way to make your bridesmaids pop and, at the same time, compliment your wedding dress.

All Hawaii bridesmaid dresses must match your bridesmaids' personality

Matching Hawaii bridesmaid dresses and choosing the perfect length or material isn't everything though.

When you want your wedding to be perfect, you need to make sure everyone participating will have a blast. And your bridesmaids are an important part of your wedding party.

Before you make any final decisions, consult with your bridesmaids for an additional opinion. If they have a different take on the color or choice of more comfortable material, don't hesitate to consider a change.

After all, unhappy bridesmaids are not what you should aim for during your big day. Make sure everyone is comfortable with your Hawaii bridesmaid dress choice and then you'll know for sure your wedding will be perfect!

Simple Seasonal Hawaii Wedding Theme Ideas

Wedding themes all have a meaning. And there's nothing more romantic than planning the perfect ceremony to go with your seasonal Hawaii wedding theme!

Whether you're getting married in the summer, spring, winter or fall, picking the right Big Island wedding theme can make your ceremony unique and special. And depending on the mood you're trying to set, it's important to pick the right color palette and go with seasonal decoration ideas.

To help you get inspired and plan the perfect wedding, here's a quick guide to help you make your Hawaii wedding theme stand out. By adding a splash of color to your big day, you can transform a simple ceremony into a lovely memory.

Hawaii Wedding Themes.png

Spring Hawaii wedding theme ideas

Spring Hawaii wedding themes can be extremely romantic! The season of the flowers in bloom can be easily associated with a fresh, new start!

Using spring flowers as the main decoration idea fits perfectly with a spring Big Island wedding theme! Watercolor themed invitations and wedding signs, a bridal dress that flows as you move make for the perfect elements to compliment a spring Hawaiian wedding theme.

If you plan on getting married in the spring, don't forget to choose a venue with an outdoor setting. As nature celebrates a fresh, new beginning, so are you and your spouse, the very moment you say "I do".

Summer wedding themes for newlyweds in Hawaii

Summer is the perfect season to choose a beach Hawaii wedding theme.

Oceanfront weddings are extremely popular and planning one can be a lot of fun! Expressing your undying love to each other while dipping your newlywed toes in the sand can turn out to be an amazing experience.

When you plan on saying "I do" in the summer, there are plenty ways to plan a ceremony on the beach. From opting for customized beach wedding packages, to making your own decorations to match your Hawaiian wedding theme, you can rest assured your summer wedding will be perfect.

Winter themes for Hawaiian weddings

Winter is the perfect season to choose an elegant Hawaii wedding theme! 

When everything could be covered in white, when the Holidays approach and people are thrilled with excitement, elegance and luxury are the perfect fit to set your wedding scene.

What's more romantic than getting married in style? Choose the right venue for your upcoming wedding and aim to turn the place into a winter wonderland! Your guests will be impressed and you'll all have a wonderful memory to look back on for years to come.

Fall Hawaii wedding theme ideas

Although fall is usually associated with the cooling of the temperatures, Hawaii is the perfect place to 'escape' the cold and get married in style.

If you're looking for some autumn Hawaii wedding theme ideas, try saying yes to fall color combinations. Gold, orange, earthy colors or chocolate brown make for the perfect palettes to inspire warmth. 

Autumn is a great season to celebrate a couple's love. Get inspired to choose the right colors for your theme and get ready to start an exciting new life together with your spouse.

Unique Hawaii Beach Wedding Decorations You Can Do Yourself

Gorgeous beach weddings call for beautiful Hawaii beach wedding decorations

When you're planning a marvelous oceanfront wedding, you're going to need your own personal touch to make your big day special.

Hawaii beach wedding decorations are a must, but often times the ones available to buy seem too generic. If you're looking to render the most important day of your life unique, try making few of the decorations yourself. Or hire some help to assist you with the preparations.

If you need a few ideas to inspire you before you get started, take a look at these amazing Hawaii beach wedding decorations

There's nothing more romantic than taking the time to get involved in the planning of your own wedding. And with these decorations, you can be sure your chairs, your bridal dress or even your wedding favors will have your signature.

Beach Wedding Decorations Hawaii.png

Hawaii beach wedding decoration ideas

1. Make your own centerpieces. By using seashells and bright colored flowers, you can create beautiful centerpieces to go with your wedding theme. As an alternative, you could use candles. Or even message in a bottle decors. Use your guests' photo inside so they'll know where to sit.

2. Bridal bouquet ideas. If you decide to go with seashells and starfish as part of your centerpieces, why not add the same elements to go with your wedding bouquet? You can add these beach elements along with the flowers or create your own seashell exclusive bridal bouquet.

3. Boutonnieres can be handmade as well. You can use the same bright colored flowers you have in your bouquet or centerpieces. Having the groom match the wedding decor isn't easy. But a beautiful boutonniere is the perfect way to try. 

4. Use beach balls to decorate the wedding scene. When everyone else uses flowers or petals, why not be different and use beach balls instead? If you'd like to set the tone for the day as playful, this Hawaii beach wedding decoration idea can be the perfect idea to make everyone smile even more.

5. Use flowers, seashells and star fish to pave your way down the isle. Using such beach wedding decorations to match your wedding theme will make walking down the isle even more special.

6. Use ribbons to decorate the chairs for the ceremony. Ribbons are perfect if you're expecting some wind. You can tie them up good to your wedding chairs and be sure your Hawaii beach wedding decorations will remain intact.

7. Wedding cakes don't need to be baked in a classic form. Sandcastles make for a beautiful cake shape idea. Or, if you're using them to decorate the scene, why not add some beach elements to your cake as well? They can even be edible, to your guests' delight.

8. Use Hawaii beach wedding decorations for your arch. By using ribbons, flowers or star fish and seashells, you can decorate the arch in a unique and beautiful way.

9. Do it yourself wedding favors sound good. Say "Mahalo Nui Loa" to your guests with homemade chocolates, bonbons or cookies. Everyone will be impressed with the way your favors table is decorated and will surely appreciate you taking the time to add your personal touch.

Questions to Ask Your Hawaii Wedding Florist

Have you thought about what to discuss with your Hawaii wedding florist before your big day?

You can follow plenty tips to find the right wedding florist. But when you finally find the one you want to work with, do you know exactly what to ask them? 

Your wedding day should be the definition of perfection. And your floral arrangements should reflect it. From the table centerpieces to your beautiful bridal bouquet, flowers are what set the tone of your memorable, romantic big day.

If you need help planning the wedding of your dreams, here's a list of questions you should ask your Hawaii wedding florist before booking them for your ceremony.

Hawaii Wedding Florist.jpg

1. Is your Hawaii wedding florist available on your big day?

The first and most important matter is making sure your florist is free the day you're getting married. Avoid 'falling in love' with a floral company if they're only 'break your heart' by not being available.

2. Will your florist do the arrangements themselves?

If you have specific ideas about how you would want your floral arrangements to look, make sure the person you're sharing your ideas with will be the one doing the actual arrangements.

3. Does your florist need a minimum budget for the wedding?

Although budgets are quite a sensitive topic, it's important to discuss these details as early as possible. See if your florist has a minimum budget requirement and make sure you can afford it.

4. Does your Hawaii wedding florist offer customized service?

Does your florist only offer standard floral arrangements or can they work around your ideas and improvise? 

5. Ask to look at their wedding flower portfolio

Don't be ashamed to ask to see your wedding florist's previous work. It can give you an idea about what they can offer and you might even get inspired for your own big day!

6. Can Hawaii wedding flowers be substituted to fit your budget?

If the cost of your Hawaii wedding florist exceeds your budget, ask if they can substitute the flowers, but leave the arrangements intact otherwise. 

7. Would your florist agree to show some sample arrangements?

In some cases, florists can arrange to show you samples before your wedding day. However, make sure to ask if this implies any additional costs. 

8. When should you sign a contract with your Hawaii wedding florist?

Booking your Hawaii wedding florist ahead of time is always a good idea. But do make sure you know how soon they need a 'commitment' from you. 

9. Can your florist recreate wedding floral arrangements from photos you showcase?

Your florist should definitely be able to provide some insight when it comes to your wedding floral arrangements. But if you have a specific idea in mind, don't be shy to ask if they can imitate the exact pattern you love.

10. What other decorations can your Hawaii wedding florist provide?

Aside from beautiful floral arrangements, what else can your wedding florist bring to the table? If you like diversity, see what other decor elements can your Hawaii wedding florist provide and how much would they cost.

View some of our beautiful flower designs from our sister company,


Your Maui Wedding Planning Checklist

Celebrating the most beautiful day of your life requires going through a thorough Maui wedding planning checklist. 

Although not all weddings are the same, plans for an oceanfront ceremony or a simple Maui wedding may, in fact, have many similarities. 

From enjoying your bachelor(ette) party, to packing your bags for your honeymoon, here's a list of the most important tasks to cross off your Maui wedding planning checklist.

Maui Wedding Plans.png

1. Set a Maui wedding planning due date - In simple words, save the date! Talk about it with your significant other and decide together on the "when". 

2. Know how much you can afford to spend - Before hiring anyone, make sure you have the budget for it. 

3. Work on your Maui wedding guest list - Although not the most pleasant of tasks, this is something you and your future spouse must decide together. And quick!

4. Hire a wedding planner - To simplify (most of) your to do list, hire a wedding planner to help you out with everything.

5. Start your Maui wedding planning research - Once you know the date you'll say "I DO", it's time to look for the perfect location. And in addition, research wedding photographers, wedding catering services, wedding florists and so on.

6. Buy the most gorgeous wedding attire - Once you take care of some of the stressful tasks, it's time to finally do something fun: try on wedding dresses and tuxedos! 

7. Don't forget about the bridesmaids dresses - Search the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids as well. After all, they're a big part of your big day as well.

8. Think about Maui wedding entertainment - Decadent food and a beautiful location are a must, but don't forget to book the entertainment ahead of time as well.

9. Register for wedding gifts - Compare retailers and sign up for the perfect wedding gifts. 

10. Book accommodations for guests - If you have guests arriving from out of town, make sure they have a place to stay.

11. Maui wedding planning involves your honeymoon - Don't forget you have a honeymoon coming up! It's time to renew your passports beforehand.

12. Your wedding rings and invitations - Shop for the perfect Maui wedding rings and browse through the invitations. Opt for save-the-date cards as well, if necessary.

13. Maui wedding transportation - Will you be renting a limousine? Will your guests arrive at the venue with a minibus? Plan ahead if transportation is a must.

14. Write your script and forever after vows - If you would like to write your own wedding ceremony, cross this Maui wedding planning item off your list.

15. It's hair, makeup & manicure time - Find professionals that fit your needs and book them ahead of time.

16. You can't get married without a license - About 1 month before your wedding day, make sure to get your marriage license.

17. Confirm everything with the wedding party - Confirm everything will go according to plan, from the caterers serving your handpicked food, to the guests all RSVP-ing in a timely manner.

18. Assign some of the Maui wedding planning tasks to your coordinator - If all of this is overwhelming, have your wedding coordinator or planner help you out with the details. After all, you deserve to relax and really enjoy the most beautiful day of your life.

Tips to Hire the Best Hawaii Wedding Photography Service

When you're getting married in a few short months, hiring the right wedding planner, florist or ceremony coordinator become top priority. And a talented Hawaii wedding photography professional should be part of your big day as well!

A beautiful Hawaii wedding ceremony will be forever imprinted in everyone's memory. And a skilled wedding photographer can help you remember all the little details for decades to come!

Uniquely framed wedding shots will remind you of all the beautiful moments that happened the day of your wedding. And finding the best Hawaii wedding photography service is the first step to making sure your wedding pictures will be perfect.

Hawaii Wedding Photographer.png

Review your wedding photographer's work

Hiring a wedding professional should be a straightforward, easy process. But before signing a contract, it's always best to check out everyone's previous work.

A talented Hawaii wedding photography professional will always make sure to showcase their portfolio. 

A personal website or social media channels are perfect places to start browsing for the perfect shutterbug. Look through the photos with a critical eye and start narrowing down your search as early as possible.

Once you've selected your favorite Hawaii wedding photographers, contact them to talk about details.

Making love to your wedding photographer's camera

When you're looking to hire the best photographer for your big day, keep in mind the importance of bonding. Liking someone's work isn't always enough. Your personalities have to match as well in order for the event to have the perfect outcome.

Being comfortable around your photographer is a must. It might sound silly, but "making love to the camera" should come naturally, even if you don't consider yourself or your spouse to be a photogenic couple. 

Ask your photographer the right questions

When meeting with your favorite Hawaii wedding photography experts in person, make sure to ask them the right questions. 

Interviewing a wedding professional isn't an easy task though. But keeping in mind these simple questions will help you choose the best photographer for your event.

What does the Hawaii wedding photography package include? - A legit question hat should come up when talking about the price. Before signing a contract, ask if engagement shots, wedding albums or trash the dress session are all included in the package.

Do you specialize in digital or film photography? - Although digital photos are most common these days, if you're old fashioned and prefer something different, make sure to ask if your photographer has the right equipment or skills for the task.

Will the wedding photos be Photoshopped? - Don't be embarrassed to ask whether or not your photos will be edited. It's OK to want your wedding pictures look as natural as possible.

When will the wedding photos be available? - It's only natural to ask when your wedding photos will be ready. Every newly wedded couple is eager to review their best wedding moments sooner rather than later. 

When you know you're tying the knot soon, it's imperative to start looking for a professional wedding photographer as early as possible. And finding the right one will ensure you wedding will be, literally, picture perfect.

Do You Really Need a Maui Wedding Coordinator

The very moment you say "YES" to your beloved marks the beginning of something beautiful. But until you're destinies merge together as one, you still have a wedding to plan! 

Naturally, many questions start to suddenly materialize. Who should you invite? How do you choose the best wedding florist? Do you really need a Maui wedding coordinator

To ease your avalanche of concerns, here's what you need to know about wedding supervisors. Although not everyone chooses to hire one, a wedding coordinator can help you save a lot of problems, time and money. 

Maui Wedding Supervisor.png

What is a Maui wedding coordinator

Many confuse the term wedding planner with wedding coordinator. While the two professional figures have similar duties, their job descriptions are quite distinctive.

The wedding planner is the person you call the day you set the date. A professional planner will help outline your wedding from start to finish. 

A Maui wedding coordinator is the person in charge of every little detail on the day of your big event. You can hire a wedding supervisor a few weeks in advance and have them take over the details. 

When the going gets tough, and there's little time left until your big day, hiring a helping hand could be the perfect way for you to avoid panic. A Maui wedding supervisor is the perfect solution. They'll make sure everything goes according to plan and all you need to do is relax and picture yourself walking down the isle.

Maui Wedding Coordinator.png

What does a Maui wedding supervisor do

Once you hire a professional wedding coordinator, you can rest assure your wedding ceremony will be perfect!

A Maui wedding supervisor has many duties. A coordinator makes sure your ceremony starts on time. Your guests will all be welcomed and seated at the right table. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen, ring bearers and officiant will know exactly what to do and when. 

But being the one behind the curtains isn't everything. Maintaining perfect communication with all vendors is not easy, but it's part of a wedding coordinator's job. When the band or DJ is about to start playing the wedding song, the last thing you want to do is stress out about a vendor being late! Your wedding supervisor will take care of everything.  

This and more makes hiring a Maui wedding coordinator worth it. While many couples about to get married worry about the financial factor, rest assured that hiring the right wedding supervisor can actually save you money along the way!

Working with a trustworthy wedding coordinator can save you time, money and give you peace of mind you deserve on the day of your big event. Having someone help you plan your wedding, who knows the industry by heart, is no doubt, a great advantage!

When the wedding you're about to plan needs to be perfect, asking for help is the right thing to do. Regardless if you plan a lavish Maui beach wedding or a small wedding ceremony with only a few of your closest friends. Making sure everyone feels welcomed is key to planning a successful wedding party everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. 

Working With a Hawaii Wedding Planner - Pros and Cons

The person you love most got down on one knee. Reached for the pocket and hoped you'd say YES! Tears of joy and hugs and kisses, along with a waterfall of emotions will forever remind you of this romantic day. 

But when the fairy tale - like moment comes to an end, you realize you have a real wedding to plan! As a newly engaged couple, you need to decide how to go about outlining your special day. 

While some couples are able to decide immediately, others struggle between rival thoughts. Should you, or should you not hire a Hawaii wedding planner?

Hawaii Wedding Consultant.png

Advantages of hiring a Hawaii wedding professional

Let your consultant know if you plan a wedding at the beach, a large event, or an intimate wedding ceremony. A Hawaii wedding planner knows how to outline the perfect wedding from start to finish. 

Professionals knows who the best caterers are, what venues would be perfect to host your event or where should you order your wedding cake. 

Since Hawaii wedding professionals know the industry by heart, it's easier for them to contact the right people and provide you with the best service. A wedding consultant's job is to plan your wedding just the way you dreamed. Your job however, is equally important: relax and enjoy counting down the days. 

In addition, a professional wedding planner can successfully handle the tasks you're not a fan of. When you want the best service for your wedding, negotiating prices or asking providers about the tiniest little details can be stressful. A Hawaii wedding consultant though, can help you avoid such unpleasantness. And you may even save money along the way!

A fresh perspective of a Hawaii wedding professional, alongside a deep understanding of the wedding industry is definitely a huge advantage. You'll have a stress-free, professionally planned wedding you'll remember for the rest of your lives! 

Hawaii Wedding Planner.png

Drawbacks of working with a Hawaii wedding consultant

Hiring a wedding professional sounds like a dream come true, but there are indeed a few disadvantages that come along with the decision.

First, it means you're not in full control. While this isn't a problem for most brides and grooms, some couples dislike the idea of someone else handling certain intimate tasks.

The cost of a Hawaii wedding planner is another detail best not to ignore. However, if you hire the right wedding consultant, you might save a fortune on services you would have paid a lot for otherwise! So, in the end, this disadvantage can work itself out.

Missing out on the wedding planning experience can also constitute a disadvantage for some couples. Unless you plan to stalk your Hawaii wedding planner, you won't be able to live the experience yourself. But the bright side is, you won't have to deal with all the stress either! 

It's important to keep in mind that the best Hawaii wedding planners are amazing at organizing a beautiful, memorable event. If you're unsure how to approach the planning of your wedding though, make a list of pros and cons before making a rash decision. You deserve the best service for the most beautiful day of your life.