Hawaii Beach Wedding Decorations

Useful Hawaii Wedding Decorations Checklist

Thinking about how to set up some gorgeous Hawaii wedding decorations, but have no idea where to begin? 

Planning a wedding, whether it's lavish or intimate, requires a lot of focus. When it comes to your Hawaii wedding decor, it's not unusual to feel overwhelmed. 

You need to make sure you choose the right wedding venue, you have to consider inviting all your guests in due time, and so on. It's easy to get distracted and forget about the little details.

But if you're worried about your wedding not being perfect, here's a useful checklist to rely on when choosing your Hawaii wedding decorations. 

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Get inspired by these Hawaii wedding decorations ideas for the ceremony

1. Have a welcome sign - Offer your guests a warm welcome and have a sign that greets them as they show up at your ceremony.

2. Decorate your ceremony arch or have a ceremony backdrop - Don't forget about the most important Hawaii wedding decorations: an elegant arch or a backdrop for your ceremony. 

3. Offer seating instructions for your guests - Guide your guests to where they should take a seat and watch you two lovebirds get married. 

4. Show the order of events using a program display - This way, everyone will know what to look forward to next.

5. Use aisle markers and decorate your aisle runner -  Say "I do" in style! Look for unique wedding decoration ideas for the guests' chairs at your ceremony and decorate your aisle runner for a touch of elegance.

Decorate the dinner tables with this gorgeous Hawaii wedding decor ideas

1. Wedding centerpieces - When it comes to Hawaii wedding decorations, centerpieces make for the most elegant touch at a dinner reception.

2. Decorate the tables with a runner or a flower garland - Make your dinner tables pop by having an elegant runner or even using a flower garland as a decor element.

3. Design your menus and place mats to look unique - Hire a calligrapher or do it yourself, but don't underestimate the menus and the placemats for the guests.

4. Have wedding chargers for a sit down, formal dinner - Render your dinner tables elegant by using wedding chargers. Your guests will appreciate your stylish efforts.

5. Decorate your chairs for an elegant touch - Don't underestimate the chairback decor. Add a touch of style to your dinner reception by decorating the chairs to match your wedding theme.

Render your reception unique with these Hawaii wedding decorations

1. Decorate your guest book table - It will be a pleasure for your guests to sign the guest book at your wedding!

2. Have an escort card display instead of a table - You'll have one more elegant way to decorate your venue and it will help guests find their seats in no time.

3. Decorate the ceiling with fabric, flowers or paper lanterns - Render your wedding more elegant by decorating it from head to toe!

4. Create photo backdrops using flowers, family photos or other unique elements - Ask your wedding photographer to help. You'll have a beautiful Hawaii wedding decor element and a place where guests can take a selfie or a photo with the happy couple!

5. Pay extra attention to lighting decor elements - Set the right mood by using candles, table lamps or tall paper lanterns.

Unique Hawaii Beach Wedding Decorations You Can Do Yourself

Gorgeous beach weddings call for beautiful Hawaii beach wedding decorations

When you're planning a marvelous oceanfront wedding, you're going to need your own personal touch to make your big day special.

Hawaii beach wedding decorations are a must, but often times the ones available to buy seem too generic. If you're looking to render the most important day of your life unique, try making few of the decorations yourself. Or hire some help to assist you with the preparations.

If you need a few ideas to inspire you before you get started, take a look at these amazing Hawaii beach wedding decorations

There's nothing more romantic than taking the time to get involved in the planning of your own wedding. And with these decorations, you can be sure your chairs, your bridal dress or even your wedding favors will have your signature.

Beach Wedding Decorations Hawaii.png

Hawaii beach wedding decoration ideas

1. Make your own centerpieces. By using seashells and bright colored flowers, you can create beautiful centerpieces to go with your wedding theme. As an alternative, you could use candles. Or even message in a bottle decors. Use your guests' photo inside so they'll know where to sit.

2. Bridal bouquet ideas. If you decide to go with seashells and starfish as part of your centerpieces, why not add the same elements to go with your wedding bouquet? You can add these beach elements along with the flowers or create your own seashell exclusive bridal bouquet.

3. Boutonnieres can be handmade as well. You can use the same bright colored flowers you have in your bouquet or centerpieces. Having the groom match the wedding decor isn't easy. But a beautiful boutonniere is the perfect way to try. 

4. Use beach balls to decorate the wedding scene. When everyone else uses flowers or petals, why not be different and use beach balls instead? If you'd like to set the tone for the day as playful, this Hawaii beach wedding decoration idea can be the perfect idea to make everyone smile even more.

5. Use flowers, seashells and star fish to pave your way down the isle. Using such beach wedding decorations to match your wedding theme will make walking down the isle even more special.

6. Use ribbons to decorate the chairs for the ceremony. Ribbons are perfect if you're expecting some wind. You can tie them up good to your wedding chairs and be sure your Hawaii beach wedding decorations will remain intact.

7. Wedding cakes don't need to be baked in a classic form. Sandcastles make for a beautiful cake shape idea. Or, if you're using them to decorate the scene, why not add some beach elements to your cake as well? They can even be edible, to your guests' delight.

8. Use Hawaii beach wedding decorations for your arch. By using ribbons, flowers or star fish and seashells, you can decorate the arch in a unique and beautiful way.

9. Do it yourself wedding favors sound good. Say "Mahalo Nui Loa" to your guests with homemade chocolates, bonbons or cookies. Everyone will be impressed with the way your favors table is decorated and will surely appreciate you taking the time to add your personal touch.