Themed Maui Weddings

Simple Seasonal Hawaii Wedding Theme Ideas

Wedding themes all have a meaning. And there's nothing more romantic than planning the perfect ceremony to go with your seasonal Hawaii wedding theme!

Whether you're getting married in the summer, spring, winter or fall, picking the right Big Island wedding theme can make your ceremony unique and special. And depending on the mood you're trying to set, it's important to pick the right color palette and go with seasonal decoration ideas.

To help you get inspired and plan the perfect wedding, here's a quick guide to help you make your Hawaii wedding theme stand out. By adding a splash of color to your big day, you can transform a simple ceremony into a lovely memory.

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Spring Hawaii wedding theme ideas

Spring Hawaii wedding themes can be extremely romantic! The season of the flowers in bloom can be easily associated with a fresh, new start!

Using spring flowers as the main decoration idea fits perfectly with a spring Big Island wedding theme! Watercolor themed invitations and wedding signs, a bridal dress that flows as you move make for the perfect elements to compliment a spring Hawaiian wedding theme.

If you plan on getting married in the spring, don't forget to choose a venue with an outdoor setting. As nature celebrates a fresh, new beginning, so are you and your spouse, the very moment you say "I do".

Summer wedding themes for newlyweds in Hawaii

Summer is the perfect season to choose a beach Hawaii wedding theme.

Oceanfront weddings are extremely popular and planning one can be a lot of fun! Expressing your undying love to each other while dipping your newlywed toes in the sand can turn out to be an amazing experience.

When you plan on saying "I do" in the summer, there are plenty ways to plan a ceremony on the beach. From opting for customized beach wedding packages, to making your own decorations to match your Hawaiian wedding theme, you can rest assured your summer wedding will be perfect.

Winter themes for Hawaiian weddings

Winter is the perfect season to choose an elegant Hawaii wedding theme! 

When everything could be covered in white, when the Holidays approach and people are thrilled with excitement, elegance and luxury are the perfect fit to set your wedding scene.

What's more romantic than getting married in style? Choose the right venue for your upcoming wedding and aim to turn the place into a winter wonderland! Your guests will be impressed and you'll all have a wonderful memory to look back on for years to come.

Fall Hawaii wedding theme ideas

Although fall is usually associated with the cooling of the temperatures, Hawaii is the perfect place to 'escape' the cold and get married in style.

If you're looking for some autumn Hawaii wedding theme ideas, try saying yes to fall color combinations. Gold, orange, earthy colors or chocolate brown make for the perfect palettes to inspire warmth. 

Autumn is a great season to celebrate a couple's love. Get inspired to choose the right colors for your theme and get ready to start an exciting new life together with your spouse.

Wonderful Themes for Maui Weddings

Maui weddings are joyous occasions where family and friends gather to celebrate the newlywed couple. 

The bride and groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen, the whole wedding party and all guests are looking forward for the big day. 

So have you thought about a Maui wedding theme yet? 

Most guests receiving an invitation will think about the obvious: they're invited to a simple wedding, an elegant party with a classic decor. But if you really want to make your day memorable, just think how themed Maui weddings could wow everyone!

If you're unsure about what theme would go with your wedding, here are 5 ideas and few tips to inspire you.

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Disney Princess inspired Maui weddings

Weddings are the perfect occasion for the bride to feel like a real princess. And what can be more lifelike than dressing up as your favorite Disney character and marry your beloved Prince Charming?

Disney Princess inspired Maui weddings are becoming more and more popular. The stories that taught you about true love and everlasting happiness can now become reality. 

Video Game themed weddings

A rather unusual but wonderful nonetheless, is the idea of a video game themed reception. If you're a fan of Super Mario and his rescued princess, why not plan your wedding around a modern theme? 

A professional wedding planner can help with ideas and props and all you have to do is let everyone know you're planning a really special wedding reception. 

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Book themed Maui weddings

If you and your future spouse are both in love with literature, you could plan your wedding using your favorite books as inspiration.

Many Maui weddings aim to add a personal touch to the event. So why not start the first chapter of your life together with a book inspired theme that will amaze everyone.

Holiday wedding theme ideas

Christmas, Halloween or St. Patrick's day make for great Maui wedding themes! Maybe you're in love with the Holiday, maybe the date has a special significance to you and your future spouse. 

Regardless of the "why", you can start thinking of the "how". How can you or your wedding planner make sure your Holiday themed wedding will be perfect. 

Garden Maui Weddings

If being a Princess or using pages from books to create a decor doesn't match your style, a garden Maui wedding theme might be a better idea. 

Not everyone has to plan a wedding at the beach. Not every couple needs to go above and beyond to plan their reception and say "I do". Sometimes, a classic approach is all you need to make a day special.

Garden Maui weddings are quite popular nowadays. If the though of getting married under a gazebo makes your heart skip a beat, than that's what you and your loved one should do.

Themed Maui weddings can be a wonderful way to celebrate your love. Your wedding dress, your wedding cake and your decor can render your day even more exceptional if the theme you picked is one that brought you and your special someone together.