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Maui Wedding Photographer - How To Plan the Best Wedding Pictures

Have you already booked your Maui wedding photographer

The excitement that comes with planning a wedding always leads to high expectations. The bride and groom should expect for everything to be picture perfect! 

You book the wedding venue that fits your wedding theme. You choose the wedding florist who has a knack for creating beautiful flower arrangements. You carefully pick up the prettiest wedding dress for you big day. 

Booking the best Maui wedding photographer is no different. But signing a contract with a wedding photographer is just the first step towards creating beautiful wedding memories that will last you a lifetime!

In order to make sure you'll cherish your wedding album for years to come, here's what you should consider discussing with your Maui wedding photographer before your big day. 

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Let your Maui wedding photographer know about any guests who might not get along

Are your parents or in-laws divorced, but you'd love to see them all at your wedding? Maybe your favorite childhood friend simply can't stand your favorite cousin. 

In order to avoid any friction on your wedding day, let your Maui wedding photographer know exactly who doesn't get along with whom! 

You surely want to have all your guests present in your wedding album. But it's best to avoid getting these people together for a spontaneous wedding shot, if they don't get along.

Tell your Maui wedding photographer what's your take on posing for the perfect picture

Even the best professional wedding photographer needs guidance to meet the happy couple's expectations. 

Are you the kind of bride and groom who greatly enjoy a great pose for a picture? Or do you believe arranged photographs used to be a very boring trend? 

You decide how you want your photos taken on your wedding day. But in order to make sure everything will be perfect, you need to tell your Maui wedding photographer what's your take on posing for the perfect picture.

Make sure your Maui wedding photographer has a list of people you look forward to immortalize in your wedding pictures

Weddings are the perfect happy occasions to catch up with family and friends you haven't seen in years! 

If you have the chance to have your picture taken with people you haven't seen in a while, make sure your Maui wedding photographer has a list of everyone you can't wait to immortalize in your wedding pictures

Have one of your bridesmaids or someone else point them out to your wedding photographer so you won't miss the chance of creating beautiful, life-lasting memories.

Discuss your must-have wedding pictures with your photographer and make sure they're up for the task

Most soon to be married couples have a list of must-have wedding photos on their minds. 

In order to make sure you don't miss the chance of having your perfect pictures taken, discuss your 'mandatory' wedding pictures list with your photographer and make sure they're up for the task.

A classic beach wedding picture on the sand or wedding photos taken by the sea make for the perfect way to immortalize your wedding. 

Essential Maui Wedding Photography Tips

Smile! It's your wedding day!

When you're getting married, Maui wedding photography is what compliments your big event the most. The memory of your wedding day will stay with you forever, but your wedding photos & album are truly everlasting. 

If you're looking to remember every little detail about your gorgeous day, it's important to keep in mind that choosing the best wedding photographer is the first step towards beautiful, eternal memories. 

But a talented photographer can only do so much! If you'd like your wedding album to be absolutely perfect, there are few Maui wedding photography tips you can keep in mind before your big day. 

To enhance the beauty of the moments immortalized, give these easy tips a try.

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A natural smile compliments Maui wedding photography

A beautiful, natural smile is the perfect way to ensure great photos. Don't be afraid to smile naturally and enjoy your amazing event. 

It's also important to remember that forced smiles don't usually compliment your best features. Your wedding photographer may follow you around quite often, but don't worry about faking a smile at the camera. 

Enjoy your wedding ceremony and reception, and don't worry about the perfect pose. A talented photographer will know how to compliment your best features with minimum effort from your part.

Beautiful hair, makeup and nails look great in Maui wedding photos

For an extra touch of perfection, your hair, makeup and nails can do wonders!

To make sure your wedding portrait will look pretty, keep in mind that hair and makeup can have a big influence on the quality of your photos. 

Give your wedding looks a trial run, see how you feel and how you look in photos. 

And don't forget about that wedding ring! Having a manicure before your big day is one Maui wedding photography tip you should definitely keep in mind.

Posing tips for Maui wedding photography

The most beautiful photos are the ones taken by surprise. But weddings make for the perfect occasion to pose for an amazing Maui wedding photography shoot! 

Whether it's romantic poses, silly poses or anything in between, keep these few tips & wedding posing tricks in mind when your Maui wedding photographer takes your picture.

  • Pose like a celebrity. Although cliche, the classic celebrity pose with a slight angle towards the camera can particularly compliment your silhouette.
  • Lift your chin and stand up straight. Avoid having a double chin in photos by simply elongating your neck! And standing up straight is a great trick to enhance the beauty of your photos.
  • Lift your arms out to the sides. Allow your waistline to be seen and avoid having your arms look 'bulky' by simply not pressing them against your body. 
  • Pay attention to the bridal bouquet. Choosing the perfect flower arrangement definitely makes for an important wedding detail. But try not to hide behind those pretty flowers throughout your big event. 
  • Be yourself! When in doubt about how to pose, simply remember to be yourself! Smile, laugh if you feel like it and remember to fully enjoy your wedding photography session! 

Tips to Hire the Best Hawaii Wedding Photography Service

When you're getting married in a few short months, hiring the right wedding planner, florist or ceremony coordinator become top priority. And a talented Hawaii wedding photography professional should be part of your big day as well!

A beautiful Hawaii wedding ceremony will be forever imprinted in everyone's memory. And a skilled wedding photographer can help you remember all the little details for decades to come!

Uniquely framed wedding shots will remind you of all the beautiful moments that happened the day of your wedding. And finding the best Hawaii wedding photography service is the first step to making sure your wedding pictures will be perfect.

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Review your wedding photographer's work

Hiring a wedding professional should be a straightforward, easy process. But before signing a contract, it's always best to check out everyone's previous work.

A talented Hawaii wedding photography professional will always make sure to showcase their portfolio. 

A personal website or social media channels are perfect places to start browsing for the perfect shutterbug. Look through the photos with a critical eye and start narrowing down your search as early as possible.

Once you've selected your favorite Hawaii wedding photographers, contact them to talk about details.

Making love to your wedding photographer's camera

When you're looking to hire the best photographer for your big day, keep in mind the importance of bonding. Liking someone's work isn't always enough. Your personalities have to match as well in order for the event to have the perfect outcome.

Being comfortable around your photographer is a must. It might sound silly, but "making love to the camera" should come naturally, even if you don't consider yourself or your spouse to be a photogenic couple. 

Ask your photographer the right questions

When meeting with your favorite Hawaii wedding photography experts in person, make sure to ask them the right questions. 

Interviewing a wedding professional isn't an easy task though. But keeping in mind these simple questions will help you choose the best photographer for your event.

What does the Hawaii wedding photography package include? - A legit question hat should come up when talking about the price. Before signing a contract, ask if engagement shots, wedding albums or trash the dress session are all included in the package.

Do you specialize in digital or film photography? - Although digital photos are most common these days, if you're old fashioned and prefer something different, make sure to ask if your photographer has the right equipment or skills for the task.

Will the wedding photos be Photoshopped? - Don't be embarrassed to ask whether or not your photos will be edited. It's OK to want your wedding pictures look as natural as possible.

When will the wedding photos be available? - It's only natural to ask when your wedding photos will be ready. Every newly wedded couple is eager to review their best wedding moments sooner rather than later. 

When you know you're tying the knot soon, it's imperative to start looking for a professional wedding photographer as early as possible. And finding the right one will ensure you wedding will be, literally, picture perfect.