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Maui Wedding Photographer - How To Plan the Best Wedding Pictures

Have you already booked your Maui wedding photographer

The excitement that comes with planning a wedding always leads to high expectations. The bride and groom should expect for everything to be picture perfect! 

You book the wedding venue that fits your wedding theme. You choose the wedding florist who has a knack for creating beautiful flower arrangements. You carefully pick up the prettiest wedding dress for you big day. 

Booking the best Maui wedding photographer is no different. But signing a contract with a wedding photographer is just the first step towards creating beautiful wedding memories that will last you a lifetime!

In order to make sure you'll cherish your wedding album for years to come, here's what you should consider discussing with your Maui wedding photographer before your big day. 

Maui Wedding Photographers.png

Let your Maui wedding photographer know about any guests who might not get along

Are your parents or in-laws divorced, but you'd love to see them all at your wedding? Maybe your favorite childhood friend simply can't stand your favorite cousin. 

In order to avoid any friction on your wedding day, let your Maui wedding photographer know exactly who doesn't get along with whom! 

You surely want to have all your guests present in your wedding album. But it's best to avoid getting these people together for a spontaneous wedding shot, if they don't get along.

Tell your Maui wedding photographer what's your take on posing for the perfect picture

Even the best professional wedding photographer needs guidance to meet the happy couple's expectations. 

Are you the kind of bride and groom who greatly enjoy a great pose for a picture? Or do you believe arranged photographs used to be a very boring trend? 

You decide how you want your photos taken on your wedding day. But in order to make sure everything will be perfect, you need to tell your Maui wedding photographer what's your take on posing for the perfect picture.

Make sure your Maui wedding photographer has a list of people you look forward to immortalize in your wedding pictures

Weddings are the perfect happy occasions to catch up with family and friends you haven't seen in years! 

If you have the chance to have your picture taken with people you haven't seen in a while, make sure your Maui wedding photographer has a list of everyone you can't wait to immortalize in your wedding pictures

Have one of your bridesmaids or someone else point them out to your wedding photographer so you won't miss the chance of creating beautiful, life-lasting memories.

Discuss your must-have wedding pictures with your photographer and make sure they're up for the task

Most soon to be married couples have a list of must-have wedding photos on their minds. 

In order to make sure you don't miss the chance of having your perfect pictures taken, discuss your 'mandatory' wedding pictures list with your photographer and make sure they're up for the task.

A classic beach wedding picture on the sand or wedding photos taken by the sea make for the perfect way to immortalize your wedding. 

How Do Maui Wedding Planners Help Organize Your Ceremony

Maui wedding planners have a very important job: helping you and your spouse organize the perfect wedding. 

Whether you opt for a beach ceremony, a simple Maui wedding or a destination resort, hiring a wedding planner comes with more advantages than cons. 

If you were wondering exactly how do Maui wedding planners help plan such a big event, take a look at this list. Having a detailed wedding checklist is always a good idea, but having a professional wedding planner by your side can be of so much help.

Wedding Planners in Maui.png

1. Maui wedding planners can work around your budget

One big advantage that comes with working with Maui wedding planners is they can actually help you save money, despite the cost of hiring them.

When you have to work around a pretty tight budget, you can rely on a professional to help. Someone with plenty wedding planning experience should know the ins and outs of the industry and should be able to help you save in the long run.

2. Wedding planners in Maui can stay focused on the little wedding details

Do you have a specific vision and dream about the perfect wedding every since you were little? Well, with the help of a professional wedding planner, you might see your wish come true!

From truly understanding your wedding theme of choice, to discussing the perfect details with each and every vendor, Maui wedding planners can make sure everything goes according to plan. 

3. Maui wedding planners can negotiate important discounts with your vendors

Depending on the size of your budget, Maui wedding planners can help you save. And the biggest advantage that comes with hiring professional help, is having someone by your side who knows the wedding industry by heart. 

Vendors might be reluctant to negotiate a final price with someone they've never met before. But a Maui wedding planner might know exactly how to handle the situation. If you like the idea of getting the best bang for your buck, consider working with a wedding planner.

4. A professional wedding planner can make sure your reception is being set up to the very last detail

Most times, the ceremony and reception are held in different locations. And having a wedding planner to trust with the setting up of the reception can take a big weight off your shoulders.

While you and your future spouse both say "I do", your Maui wedding planner can make sure everything is set up to the very last detail, in the location you and your wedding party will visit next. 

5. The objective perspective of a Maui wedding planner can help avoid a family discussion

While a wedding should be a great reason to celebrate, often times certain discussions arise between family members. In order to avoid a serious quarrel, a Maui wedding planner can act like a buffer.

Should you and your future spouse have a different vision than that of your family members, having someone offer an objective solution can be a great help. After years of working as a Maui wedding planner, a professional should know how to handle stressful family situations like a pro.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Wedding Destination Resorts in Maui

Are you looking for wedding destination resorts in Maui

Destination weddings can be a lot of fun! For the happy couple soon to be married, destination resorts in Maui can be a great way to say "I do" in style! And for every single guest on the list, it can be an amazing way to take some time off and a well deserved trip to the island of Hawaii!

Planning a destination wedding, however, takes time and commitment. And not just for you and your spouse to be! Your guests will need time to prepare for your wedding as well. 

In order for everything to be perfect, you need to make sure you avoid these most common mistakes. Wedding destination resorts in Maui are great! But grab a pen and pencil as you go through the article and make sure you add everything to your Maui wedding checklist!

Wedding Destinations Maui.png

1. Tell your guests in advance you plan on getting married at a destination resort in Maui

If you plan on having a destination wedding, sending the invites on time is crucial! Allow your guests enough time to prepare for the trip and avoid the unpleasantness of putting your guests in an awkward position. 

2. Forgetting to plan ahead for your legal ceremony

When planning a destination wedding in a resort in Maui, don't forget about the legal paperwork. Get all the marriage license information you need ahead of time and know what to expect from the legal point of view.

3. Not arriving to your wedding destination resort in Maui in due time

When you plan a wedding far away from home, make sure you book the destination resort in Maui at least a couple days before the day you say "I do". You'll be able to travel stress free and any delays or flight cancellations won't affect your plans for your big, important day. 

4. Checking important wedding items on your flight

Although your bridal dress or wedding favors may take up space, it's best to avoid checking them on your flight. Just in case your luggage gets misplaced, you want to have your bridal dress and jewelry, etc. on hand!

5. Not researching vendors for your wedding day in Maui

Finding the right vendors to cater your wedding is not an easy task. Especially if you're not a local. Make sure to do a thorough research before making a decision and consider hiring a local wedding planner to help.

6. Planning to stay at wedding destination resorts in Maui without thinking of your guests

When planning to get married at a destination resort in Maui, don't assume your guests will find something fun to do, on their own. While they might be thrilled they get to see their favorite people unite their destinies forever, don't forget to plan some fun activities that you and your guests can enjoy together.

7. Not considering unfavorable weather conditions at your Maui wedding

Maui is renown for being a great beach wedding destination.But don't forget to check the weather forecast! Have a backup plan in case weather conditions aren't in your favor.

Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing Maui Wedding Cakes

You cannot have a Hawaiian wedding without a Maui wedding cake!

Maui wedding cakes are a must after the ceremony. Although your guests are clearly there to celebrate the love between you and your spouse, no Maui wedding is complete without a sweet and delicious slice of cake.

But ordering the perfect one for your wedding isn't always as easy as it seems. Although many brides and grooms to be are eager to save time when planning their event, Maui wedding cakes play an important part of the process. 

If you would like for your wedding to be perfect, make sure you have the most delicious cake to cut and serve at your event. Here are 5 major mistakes to avoid when deciding which Maui wedding cakes are the best fit for your wedding.

Maui Wedding Cake.png

1. Choosing Maui wedding cakes based on your guests' preferences

Deciding between so many different Maui wedding cakes seems impossible. But if there's one thing you and your loved one should keep in mind, is this is your wedding and your special day. 

Avoid feeling the need to please everyone and pick a flavor that you and your future spouse will love! Your Maui wedding cake should reflect your personal taste. Although thinking about your guests is a very nice gesture, don't feel obligated to please everyone else and neglect your own preferences.

2. Ordering a Maui wedding cake that's too small for your number of guests

One embarrassing mistake is ordering a Maui wedding cake that's too small for your number of guests! 

Although you should definitely choose one both you and your partner love, try not to underestimate the number of guests attending your wedding.

3. Not tasting different flavors before making a final decision

Make sure you include a cake tasting on your wedding planning checklist! Soon to be newlyweds need to taste their cake before their big day. Setting up meeting with your baker is not something you only see in movies.

In order to make sure you and your guests will have a slice of a perfectly delicious Maui wedding cake, don't forget to free up some time and indulge in a sweet cake tasting session.

4. Not asking your baker how they plan to transport your Maui wedding cake

If your baker mentions extra charges for transporting Maui wedding cakes, it's probably best to allow them to handle the task.

Should you order a cake of a particular size or form, don't forget to ask how the baker plans to bring it to your reception location. Avoid offering to pick up your cake by yourself. You could regret the decision if the delicious culinary art tumbles down in the backseat of your car.

5. Forgetting that less is more even when it comes to Maui wedding cakes

Wanting to add too many elements on a single Maui wedding cake usually spells out a recipe for disaster. 

Your cake decoration ideas might be romantic and nice, but consult with your baker before placing your final order. Instead of a beautiful cake that's meant to render your wedding day special, you could end up with a dessert that looks like a mess.

5 Tips to Choose Your Wedding Rings in Maui

With so many things to take care of when planning a wedding ceremony, it's easy to overlook one small but important detail. Going shopping for wedding rings in Maui!

When choosing the right engagement ring for you, your spouse-to-be must have planned and saved for it for months. And although you don't need to stop wearing that perfect piece of jewelry, it's now time to make room for a wedding ring you'll wear forever.

Wedding rings in Maui come in many forms. You can choose to get a wedding band that's as simple as can be, or you can splurge on a wedding ring that will wow your friends and every single guest at your Hawaii wedding ceremony.

In order to choose the right ring from the variety of wedding bands in Maui, sneak a peak at some helpful advice. Aside from allowing yourself enough time to search for the perfect ring, here's what else you should consider before your big day.

Maui Wedding Ring.png

1. Choose between wedding bands in Maui that go with your engagement ring

If you would like to continue wearing your engagement ring, consider picking a same style wedding band.

The habit of wearing the two rings together is not uncommon. 

Some people prefer going the traditional way and moving the engagement ring to make room for the wedding band by its side. Others wear the wedding and engagement rings each on different hands.

Depending on your personal preference, make sure you find an elegant band that matches the style of your engagement ring.

2. Shop for wedding rings in Maui that fit your everyday lifestyle

Does your job require you to work with your hands? Are you living a very active lifestyle and need a Maui wedding ring that's durable and comfortable? 

When you start your search for wedding rings in Maui, consider your lifestyle before making any final decisions.

3. Think about the maintenance Maui wedding rings require

The simpler the wedding ring, the easier it will be to maintain.

Shopping for wedding rings in Maui is certainly the perfect occasion to splurge on a special piece of jewelry. But although a stylish ring may look great on your finger, consider the work involved to keep it sparkling and clean.

4. Don't 'get married' to the idea Maui that wedding rings need to look the same

Would you prefer to wear a traditional, gold wedding band, but your partner is inclined to pick platinum or something else?

Your wedding rings don't necessarily need to look the same. Compromising is indeed a big part of marriage, but don't let your personal preferences stand in your way when you choose your wedding rings in Maui.

5. Remember you can always customize Maui wedding rings even after the wedding

Choosing the right sized wedding band is important, of course. But don't stress too much about picking the perfect style.

Wedding rings in Maui can always be customized later. You can add an engraving on your first anniversary or change the diamonds or even ring altogether! 

Your love for your spouse might be set in stone, but jewelry can always be customized even after the wedding.

Tying The Knot in Maui - Simple Tips for a Gorgeous Wedding

Have you and your future spouse decided to tie the knot in Maui

First of all, congratulations are in order!
Secondly, now you have a wedding to plan!

If you plan to tie the knot in Maui, you should know there are plenty ways to make your wedding unique. 

From choosing the wedding theme you have always dreamed of, to booking the perfect photographer for your big day, there are plenty ways you can 'customize' your ceremony.

Read on to find out how you can plan the perfect wedding. When you're about to tie the knot in Maui, take advantage of these tips to plan a gorgeous event.

Maui Tie the Knot.png

1. Choose the best Maui wedding theme that fits your personality

Tying the knot in Maui can be done in style! 

If you plan on rendering your wedding unique, choose a fun or an elegant theme that fits your personality.

You can opt to tie the knot on Maui at the beach. Planning a simple ceremony in front of the ocean is definitely a wonderful way to say "I do".

If the beach, however, doesn't strike your fancy, you can always opt for the alternatives. An elegant seasonal Hawaii wedding theme or a motif taken from a book or a romantic story can make for a wonderful way to get married in style.

2. Find the perfect location where you will tie the knot in Maui

Choosing between so many available wedding venues can be stressful. But if you already have some ideas in mind, you should be able to book the perfect location to tie the knot on Maui in no time!

In order to choose the perfect location to get married and have a memorable reception, follow these these tips. Choosing the perfect venue isn't always easy, but with proper planning and some guidance, everything is possible!

3. Hire a wedding planner or a coordinator to guide the planning of your wedding

Should you or should you not consider hiring a wedding planner

While there are some disadvantages to paying for the service, the help of someone who knows the industry by heart is priceless.

Not only will you be able to stress less about tying the knot in Maui, but you might save a lot of money as well! Someone who has planned plenty weddings for a living should be the perfect guide for your very own, gorgeous ceremony.

4. Tie the knot in Maui in the most gorgeous wedding dress

What will you wear when you say "I do"? 

In order to plan the most amazing wedding ceremony, you need to start looking for a dress in due time. 

If you need help choosing the right bridal attire for your big day, check out these few tips and tricks on finding the right Maui beach wedding dress.

5. Pay attention to the little details when you plan on getting married on Maui

To plan the perfect and most gorgeous Maui wedding ceremony, it's also important to pay attention to the little details.

Did you hire the right wedding photographer
Have you chosen the prettiest bridal bouquet?

As long as you focus on the little things as well, tying the knot in Maui will be an experience you'll never forget!

What to Include on Your Maui Wedding Invitations

Planning your wedding ceremony and reception is an exciting and a wonderful experience! But in order to make sure everything goes according to plan, sending out your Maui wedding invitations on time is crucial.

Timing, however, isn't the only detail you should consider when mailing out your wedding invites. 

In order for your ceremony to be remembered fondly by each and every guest, you should also know what to include on your Maui wedding invitations and how to express it in a delightful way.

Your wedding theme, bridal bouquet and wedding dress are not the only details that can render a wedding classy or unique. When it comes to your Maui wedding invitations, certain etiquette rules and details can really make a difference.

Wedding Invitates Maui.png

Send out your Maui wedding invitations on time

Ideally, you should send your Maui wedding invitations at least 6 or even 8 weeks prior to the main event. 

It's important to allow your guests plenty time to prepare for your wedding. They might need the time to clear their schedules or they might not be able to attend your big day.

Regardless of when and where you plan to say "I do" in front of your loved ones, always make sure your invitations go out on time.

Make sure everyone RSVPs to your Maui wedding invite in due time

In order to avoid unpleasant situations when planning a wedding, it's important that you're sure about your number of guests. 

How else will you be able to finalize your seating chart and let your wedding caterer know about the number of people they need to consider when preparing the menu?

Typically, RSVP dates should be set about 2 or 3 weeks before the event. Make sure everyone knows when they need to RSVP to your Maui wedding invitation. 

Include an accommodation card for your guests coming from out of town

Are your family or friends located somewhere far, far away? 

Proper Maui wedding invitation etiquette says you should include an accommodation card along with your invitation.

Make sure everyone coming from out of town knows when and where they should book a room to spend the night. This will help your guests a great deal if they need to make travel arrangements ahead of time.

Address your Maui ceremony invitations using people's names

Are you worried about your guests showing up with a +1 you've never met? 

In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, address your Maui wedding invitations using the names of each wedding guest. By doing so, your message should be clear.

Place an inner envelope along with your Maui wedding invitation and make sure your guests' names are the only ones standing out.

Design a Maui wedding invitation that's easy to read and pleasant to look at

Although you might want your Maui wedding invitation to really stand out, using too many design elements or choosing a font that's difficult to understand is not recommended.

Modern wedding invites often tend to be a bit "too much". Make your Maui wedding invitation easy to read and make sure the design is a pleasure to look at. 

Should You Have a Maui Wedding Planning Checklist

Checking items off your Maui wedding planning checklist can be fun. At least for most spouses to be. For others though, checklists can be boring.

Wedding planning should be incredibly romantic. But sometimes, certain tasks can take the fun right out of it.

Organizing the perfect wedding though, requires you to pay attention to every single detail. And without a Maui wedding planning checklist, things can easily slip your mind and creep up on your when you least expect it. 

If you agree that panic has no place at a wedding, then you're on the right track to planning the perfect event. And in order to avoid unpleasant situations, here's why you definitely need a Maui wedding planning checklist.

Wedding Checklist Maui Weddings.png

Wedding planning checklists help you focus on what's important

The moment your loved one got down one knee, myriad thoughts about your dream wedding have surely crossed your mind. 

Most brides to be dream about their big day for years. But even though a happy couple is able to plan a gorgeous wedding in theory, without a Maui wedding planning checklist, it's close to impossible to focus in every single task in an organized manner.

There are certain items you need to check off your list as soon as you say "I do". From deciding a wedding budget, to reserving the perfect venue and start working on your guest list. Certain wedding planning tasks are best to be taken care of sooner rather than later! 

When you have a Maui wedding planning checklist, you'll stress less before the big event

It's difficult to forget researching wedding caterers. Or picking up the perfect bridal bouquet to go with your wedding dress. But have you planned for your honeymoon or decided on who will give the toasts at your wedding? 

Certain tasks should not be postponed to the very last minute. And a Maui wedding planning checklist could help you stress less and keep track of what's important.

Experts say stress can cause wrinkles and grey hairs. But they forgot to mention that overly stressed brides to be can cause a scene! The less stressed you are before the most important day of you life, the better. 

Maui wedding checklists help you plan your big day, step by step, in detail

When you don't have a Maui wedding planning checklist as a guide, it's easy to forget to plan for the details. Although there might still months before the big event, planning your wedding, step by step, in detail is recommended. 

Reserving the date and booking the wedding venue should be among the first things you need to do ahead of time. Hiring a skilled wedding photographer should be done at least 8 months before the wedding. 

Postponing even the smallest tasks could lead to a crisis. Vendors, for instance, often require spouses-to-be to provide their final order months in advance. A Maui wedding planning checklist can be your best friend in such a situation.

Planning your own wedding should make you feel alive. And having a checklist that outlines every little thing in detail helps you avoid unwanted situations and keeps you focused on what needs to be done.

How to Choose the Right Maui Wedding Venues

Getting married is a big, important step. And choosing between so many Maui wedding venues is one of the first challenges a couple goes through, hand in hand. 

When you plan for everything to be perfect, you have to consider every little detail.

Is your wedding photographer the best on the market?
Did you choose the right wedding florist to decorate the scene?

But most importantly, are you making the right choice when it comes to your Maui wedding venue? 

Read on to find out 7 important tips to help you choose the right spot to celebrate your first day as a married couple. Choosing the right venue isn't always easy. But these helpful hints will definitely help you narrow down your choices for Maui wedding venues.

Wedding Venue in Maui.png

1. Go over the final guest list before booking your Maui wedding venue

Before make a final decision, it's important to make sure your wedding is accessible for all your guests.

When you find a Maui wedding venue you like, it's easy to get carried away and forget about logistics. Make sure the place is big enough for all your guests and also find out if people with disabilities would be able to attend.

2. Consult with your wedding planner to narrow down your wedding venues

Chances are your wedding planner is already familiar with most Maui wedding venues. If you decide to hire one, don't be afraid to ask for their advice. 

3. Choose Maui wedding venues that fit with your theme

If you dream about planning a beautiful themed wedding, you can easily eliminate wedding spots that don't exactly fit. Narrow down your choices to style specific Maui wedding venues. 

4. Find out what the venue price includes

Some Maui wedding venues include a full service. Other places might be cheaper, but they don't offer much aside for an empty space for you to decorate as you see fit. So, before you set your heart on a specific venue, find out first what the price really includes.

5. Consider your budget for the Maui wedding venue

Maui wedding venues might be important, but the cost of renting one should always fit your budget. Consult with your wedding planner before making any rash decisions. You'll still need to book your vendors and find a bridal dress / tuxedo that fit!

6. Choose wedding venues close to hotels

If your guests are coming from out of town, you should consider making them feel as comfortable as possible. Choosing a Maui wedding venue that's in close proximity to a hotel is not only considerate, but recommended. 

7. Book the Maui wedding venue that best fits your needs

Although all these tips and more should contribute to you making the right decision, what's even more important is choosing a place that fits your needs.

With so many influences from Pinterest or Instagram, it's difficult not to fall in love with wedding theme ideas that aren't authentic. Forget about what's "modern" or "in style" and think about what you and your spouse really want for your own wedding. 

How to Choose Maui Beach Wedding Dresses

There's something special about Maui beach wedding dresses. They represent that special attire you'll wear the exact moment you say "I do". 

You start your life in a Maui beach wedding dress. You dance your first dance as husband and wife, you cut your first cake and say the vows that tie you forever.

But how do you choose the perfect beach wedding dress? 

If you're looking forward for your oceanfront wedding, here are some great tips to help you browse through Maui beach wedding dresses

Keep this practical advice in mind when it's time to pick the right dress for you. Not all Maui wedding dresses are ideal for a beach themed wedding.

Beach Wedding Dresses Maui.png

Avoid formal Maui beach wedding dresses

Formal wedding gowns are not only beautiful, but elegant and sophisticated too. However, if you're getting married in front of the ocean, it's probably best to avoid attire that's too formal for the occasion.

The perfect Maui beach wedding dresses are light, soft and compliment the brides' silhouettes. A wedding dress that flows as you move is a more practical choice when you're getting married in front of the endless ocean.

Go with a shorter beach wedding gown

When you're about to be pronounced officially married, wearing a dress that sweeps the sand off the beach is probably best to avoid. However, opting for beach wedding dresses with a mini skirt is not ideal either.

Tea or ballerina length dresses are perfect though. They're not too long, so you won't have trouble dragging the sand along with you as you walk down the aisle. They're not too short, so you won't risk any embarrassing moments should a sea breeze suddenly lift your dress up. 

Choose a light fabric for your Maui beach wedding dress

Beach weddings are amazing to attend. But wearing a wedding dress that doesn't allow you to feel free as you move can ruin the romantic experience.

Silk or chiffon are ideal materials for beach wedding dresses. When you're planning an oceanfront wedding, consider choosing your attire made out of a breathable fabric, that's soft as well as light as air.

Avoid wearing high heels at a beach wedding

Wearing high heels in the sand is not quite a good idea. Although a pair of nice, elegant shoes go great with all Maui beach wedding dresses, oceanfront weddings call for practical footwear.

Opting for flats or flip flops is probably for the best. As an alternative, getting married bare feet could also be an interesting option. Literally having your toes in the sand as you say "I do" makes for an amazing wedding memory.

Opt for fewer accessories that go with Maui beach wedding dresses

Since sea breezes are unpredictable, it's probably best to minimize the number of accessories that might come loose. Some brides avoid wearing a veil altogether, since a strong wind will only take a second to make things uncomfortable. 

A beautiful, comfortable dress however, paired with some comfortable shoes make for the perfect attire to get married in, at the beach in Maui. 

Ideas for Maui Beach & Wedding Ceremonies on a Budget

Is it possible to save money on a wedding? When you want to plan perfect beach & wedding ceremonies, being cheap is the last thing you want or need to do.

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. And you and your guests deserve for everything to be amazing.

Planning for a beach and wedding ceremony isn't easy. But there are still plenty ways you can have a perfect wedding without overspending. 

If you're looking for a way to celebrate your love and save some money at the same time, here are few ideas that can help. 

Maui Beach and Wedding Ceremonies.png

1. Choose an affordable Maui beach ceremony location

Is an oceanfront wedding something you've always dreamed of? Then don't give up on your dream ceremony just because the venues seem expensive!

Looking for an alternative location to say "yes" in front of the big, blue ocean is not impossible. 

For instance, getting married "off season" might be an idea. Asking for wedding group discounts or booking for a minimum number of guests might come with certain budget perks

2. Rent your wedding dress or tuxedo instead of buying them

If you're looking for an affordable solution to buying a new wedding dress or tux, consider renting!

You can still look gorgeous when walking down the isle. And your future spouse will still be amazed when they see you look so beautiful. 

If you can bare the idea of returning your wedding attire after the big event, you can save a lot of money by simply "borrowing" the clothing items you need.

3. Do-it-yourself Maui beach & wedding ceremonies decorations

Once you choose your wedding theme, handling the decorations becomes the next important step. But if your budget gets in the way, choosing the right ones can become a difficult process.

If you're looking to plan a Maui beach and wedding ceremony on a budget, why not handcraft some of your decor items yourself? 

Paper flowers, homemade candles, even hand made seating cards can help you stay within your wedding budget.

4. Have a custom made wedding ring, on a budget

Gold is expensive. But you can still save on your wedding ring!

If you have old jewelry laying around your house, you can skip buying a new wedding ring and simply have a jeweler design a simple wedding band for you. 

An unusual design might not be a good option if you're looking to save money. But a simple, elegant and inexpensive wedding band is all you need to promise eternal love to the person you want to share your life with. 

5. Hire an experienced planner for your Maui beach and wedding ceremony

This may seem counterproductive for staying within budget, but hiring a wedding planner can actually save you more in the long run.

An experienced wedding planner has the necessary knowledge and resources to help you save with the vendors and everything else. If you need to get the best bang for your buck, someone with experience in planning beach and wedding ceremonies can definitely be of assistance.

Essential Maui Wedding Photography Tips

Smile! It's your wedding day!

When you're getting married, Maui wedding photography is what compliments your big event the most. The memory of your wedding day will stay with you forever, but your wedding photos & album are truly everlasting. 

If you're looking to remember every little detail about your gorgeous day, it's important to keep in mind that choosing the best wedding photographer is the first step towards beautiful, eternal memories. 

But a talented photographer can only do so much! If you'd like your wedding album to be absolutely perfect, there are few Maui wedding photography tips you can keep in mind before your big day. 

To enhance the beauty of the moments immortalized, give these easy tips a try.

Maui Wedding Photography.png

A natural smile compliments Maui wedding photography

A beautiful, natural smile is the perfect way to ensure great photos. Don't be afraid to smile naturally and enjoy your amazing event. 

It's also important to remember that forced smiles don't usually compliment your best features. Your wedding photographer may follow you around quite often, but don't worry about faking a smile at the camera. 

Enjoy your wedding ceremony and reception, and don't worry about the perfect pose. A talented photographer will know how to compliment your best features with minimum effort from your part.

Beautiful hair, makeup and nails look great in Maui wedding photos

For an extra touch of perfection, your hair, makeup and nails can do wonders!

To make sure your wedding portrait will look pretty, keep in mind that hair and makeup can have a big influence on the quality of your photos. 

Give your wedding looks a trial run, see how you feel and how you look in photos. 

And don't forget about that wedding ring! Having a manicure before your big day is one Maui wedding photography tip you should definitely keep in mind.

Posing tips for Maui wedding photography

The most beautiful photos are the ones taken by surprise. But weddings make for the perfect occasion to pose for an amazing Maui wedding photography shoot! 

Whether it's romantic poses, silly poses or anything in between, keep these few tips & wedding posing tricks in mind when your Maui wedding photographer takes your picture.

  • Pose like a celebrity. Although cliche, the classic celebrity pose with a slight angle towards the camera can particularly compliment your silhouette.
  • Lift your chin and stand up straight. Avoid having a double chin in photos by simply elongating your neck! And standing up straight is a great trick to enhance the beauty of your photos.
  • Lift your arms out to the sides. Allow your waistline to be seen and avoid having your arms look 'bulky' by simply not pressing them against your body. 
  • Pay attention to the bridal bouquet. Choosing the perfect flower arrangement definitely makes for an important wedding detail. But try not to hide behind those pretty flowers throughout your big event. 
  • Be yourself! When in doubt about how to pose, simply remember to be yourself! Smile, laugh if you feel like it and remember to fully enjoy your wedding photography session! 

How to Write Perfect Maui Wedding Ceremonies

How do you write perfect Maui wedding ceremonies

Is there a template you should follow? Can you add your personal touch and model your words to match you and your future spouse's personality? 

There are so many questions that come to mind when sitting down to write a Maui wedding ceremony. After all, these are the words the most important day of your life will be remembered by!

Walking down the isle in a gorgeous dress and saying "I do" to the one you love counts indeed as a memorable moment. However, the ceremony is what sets the tone for your wedding as a whole.

If you were wondering how to write beautiful and unforgettable Maui wedding ceremonies, here are some tips to guide you along the way.

Maui Wedding Ceremonies.png

Decide on a tone and wedding ceremony style

Traditional Maui wedding ceremonies are neither short, nor long. In order to write the perfect one for your big day, keep in mind that an average ceremony is typically shorter than 30 minutes.

With this particular detail in mind, you can now decide upon a tone and a ceremony style that would best fit your wedding theme.

You can safely opt for a traditional Maui wedding ceremony, or you can write your own, in a different style. If you dream about being pronounced officially married in a non-traditional way, go for it!

Make sure you set a mood that matches you and your loved one's style. After all, your Maui wedding ceremony will set the tone for your new life together, as a newlywed couple.

Not all Maui wedding ceremonies include everything

The warm welcome, romantic vows and the exchange of the wedding rings are all part of a wedding ceremony. Alongside them, there's the expression of intent, the pronouncement of your marriage and the first kiss as a married couple.

Not all of them, however, must be part of your big day. Except for the legal expression of intent to get married, you can feel free to outline your own ceremony script the way you prefer.

Adding a personal touch to Maui wedding ceremonies is highly encouraged. Make your big day as memorable as you want it to be. And have your wedding photographer capture every moment!

Use other Maui wedding ceremonies as inspiration

If you're unsure about how to write the perfect wedding ceremony, you can definitely look for inspiration. And the best part of it all is, you can look for it anywhere!

Romantic movies or books make for a great place to start. However, you might be luckier and more inspired if you simply look through other newlywed's sample Maui wedding ceremonies.

When you're suffering from writer's block, don't be shy about taking other people's ideas and adapting them to your own personal story. We are all unique, and your love story is too. 

But the most important thing to keep in mind is, be yourself. Write your wedding ceremony from the heart and let the words paint your love story as only you and your loved one can describe it.

Gorgeous Maui Wedding Bouquet Ideas

When planning a wedding to the last beautiful detail, a gorgeous Maui wedding bouquet is a must. 

The caring of the bridal bouquet is an age old tradition. From ancient times, soon to be brides believed the delicate smell of flowers will protect them from bad luck. And starting a new life together with the person you love most is definitely a reason to ward off evil spirits! 

Today however, a gorgeous Maui wedding bouquet is more than just a posy trend. An elegant, bridal flower arrangement is the perfect element to help you pop. 

A classic bouquet to match your wedding dress is one approach that never fails. But adding a personal touch to the flower arrangements you carry down the isle can definitely turn your wedding into something really special.

Using your wedding theme as inspiration, here are some wonderful ideas to inspire your Maui wedding bouquet.

Maui Bridal Bouquet.png

Maui wedding bouquet inspired from beach weddings

If you plan an oceanfront wedding, opt a beach wedding bouquet everyone will admire.

Adding a few unique elements to an otherwise regular flower bouquet, can transform your walk down the isle into something everyone will remember forever.

Orchids and Lilies or Roses and Peonies make for the perfect beach wedding flower arrangements. But if you want to make your Maui wedding bouquet unique, try using few seashells or starfish to give your bouquet a whole new look.

Themed wedding bridal bouquet ideas

Themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular lately, and a Maui wedding bouquet to match the decorations and motif can help render your wedding ceremony unforgettable.

If your dream is to be a real Disney princess on your big day, use your wedding theme as inspiration. Instead of a classic wedding bouquet, you can use bright colored flowers that match the romance story of your choice.

Show White can carry a unique apple arrangement. A Minnie Mouse bridal bouquet should include roses, colored in pink and black. And a modern Frozen bride can carry crystal snowflakes instead or real flowers. 

But themed Maui bridal bouquet ideas don't stop here! For a unique book themed wedding, you can carry a beautiful flower arrangement made out of origami paper. 

It's amazing how a professional wedding planner can think of so many wedding decoration ideas. If you want to add few unique elements to your wedding, don't hesitate to mention the need for a unique Maui bridal bouquet.

Classic Maui bridal bouquet with a unique, personal touch

If a classic ceremony is the wedding you prefer, it should be easy to choose a classic Maui wedding bouquet. But you can still put a personal spin on it, if you want!

Feathers, fabric flowers, beads and ribbons make for gorgeous add-ons to an otherwise classic approach for a bridal flower arrangement.

Getting inspired from your wedding theme is the perfect way to come up with a unique Maui bridal bouquet to carry down the traditional isle. It seems like such a small detail, but a gorgeous wedding bouquet can render your special day even more memorable. 

Practical Maui Elopement Advice

"Will you marry me" is the most beautiful thing your partner can ask you. And you saying "yes" can result in a waterfall of hugs and kisses. But if planning a wedding isn't something you look forward to, a Maui elopement can definitely be your happily ever after plan!

Eloping is often perceived as negative, but if couples in love can't bare the thought of not being married for one more second, why not look into Maui elopement options?

The reasons why couples want to elope in Hawaii are many. From being spontaneously romantic, to being reluctant to the idea of planning a big wedding, to simply wanting to "get it over with" without too much lovey-dovey details in between. 

But getting married at the snap of a finger is unrealistic. Even if you decide you want to say "I do" as soon as possible, you'd still need to get organized and plan ahead. Even if your checklist is short, you should still keep a couple details in mind when planning your Maui elopement.

Maui Elopement.png

Find out about Maui elopement marriage license requirements

Wanting to elope sounds incredibly romantic, but you'd have to make sure you have an approved valid marriage license before you say "I do".

Maui elopement marriage rules differ from the requirements in other states. So in order to ensure everything goes according to plan, give your elopement plan some thought. 

Find out what you need to obtain a marriage license and what can you do to get married as soon as possible. Once the legal arrangements are taken care of, take your loved one's hand and go get married!

Maui Elopement Advice.png

Maui elopement can be just as romantic as a wedding

When you decide to elope, you might think a marriage license is all you need. But not planning a wedding doesn't mean giving up on everything it implies!

It's perfectly fine to want to avoid renting a venue and planning a menu. But you can still enjoy the little things that make a wedding special!

Wedding rings and vows - Wedding rings and vows spoken from the heart might not be mandatory, but you can definitely opt for the experience.

Wedding dress and bridal bouquet - It's not uncommon to elope in your wedding dress! If you're not keen on the idea of a big wedding, but would still love to wear the outfit and hold a bridal bouquet when saying "I do", don't let Maui elopement stereotypes stop you.

Wedding photography - You might think elopement stories remain a distant memory, but who says you can't hire a last minute photographer and have your first picture as a married couple taken anyway? 

The honeymoon - Skipping on planning a whole wedding doesn't mean you cannot enjoy making travel plans for a honeymoon. Even if you'll only be gone on a short weekend trip, don't miss out on your first nights as a married couple. 

Celebrating with friends and family - Although you chose Maui elopement, you can still plan a gathering and invite your loved ones to celebrate. Once the wedding jitters are out of the way, you can plan a simple dinner party and toast to your non-wedding. 

Wonderful Themes for Maui Weddings

Maui weddings are joyous occasions where family and friends gather to celebrate the newlywed couple. 

The bride and groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen, the whole wedding party and all guests are looking forward for the big day. 

So have you thought about a Maui wedding theme yet? 

Most guests receiving an invitation will think about the obvious: they're invited to a simple wedding, an elegant party with a classic decor. But if you really want to make your day memorable, just think how themed Maui weddings could wow everyone!

If you're unsure about what theme would go with your wedding, here are 5 ideas and few tips to inspire you.

Maui Wedding.png

Disney Princess inspired Maui weddings

Weddings are the perfect occasion for the bride to feel like a real princess. And what can be more lifelike than dressing up as your favorite Disney character and marry your beloved Prince Charming?

Disney Princess inspired Maui weddings are becoming more and more popular. The stories that taught you about true love and everlasting happiness can now become reality. 

Video Game themed weddings

A rather unusual but wonderful nonetheless, is the idea of a video game themed reception. If you're a fan of Super Mario and his rescued princess, why not plan your wedding around a modern theme? 

A professional wedding planner can help with ideas and props and all you have to do is let everyone know you're planning a really special wedding reception. 

Maui Weddings.png

Book themed Maui weddings

If you and your future spouse are both in love with literature, you could plan your wedding using your favorite books as inspiration.

Many Maui weddings aim to add a personal touch to the event. So why not start the first chapter of your life together with a book inspired theme that will amaze everyone.

Holiday wedding theme ideas

Christmas, Halloween or St. Patrick's day make for great Maui wedding themes! Maybe you're in love with the Holiday, maybe the date has a special significance to you and your future spouse. 

Regardless of the "why", you can start thinking of the "how". How can you or your wedding planner make sure your Holiday themed wedding will be perfect. 

Garden Maui Weddings

If being a Princess or using pages from books to create a decor doesn't match your style, a garden Maui wedding theme might be a better idea. 

Not everyone has to plan a wedding at the beach. Not every couple needs to go above and beyond to plan their reception and say "I do". Sometimes, a classic approach is all you need to make a day special.

Garden Maui weddings are quite popular nowadays. If the though of getting married under a gazebo makes your heart skip a beat, than that's what you and your loved one should do.

Themed Maui weddings can be a wonderful way to celebrate your love. Your wedding dress, your wedding cake and your decor can render your day even more exceptional if the theme you picked is one that brought you and your special someone together. 

A Simple Checklist for an Effortless Maui Wedding

When you daydream about the happiest day of your life, does an effortless Maui wedding come to mind? 

Not every bride and groom see themselves celebrating their special day with a lavish wedding. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the perfect way to have a perfect day. 

Intimate ceremonies can be just as romantic as a luxurious Maui beach wedding. A simple setting is generally less expensive, but the outcome can forever remain a beautiful memory. 

If your idea of a dreamy wedding revolves around simplicity, here's a modest list to help you plan a simple Maui wedding.

Simple Maui Wedding.png


Have an intimate Maui ceremony guest list 

If you're planning an intimate event, a simple guest list is appropriate. Think about who matters most to you and your future spouse and plan your ceremony accordingly. 

It's not uncommon for brides and grooms to shorten their guest lists and only invite few loved ones. In fact, it's one of the wonderful advantages of having a small ceremony. A smaller wedding party will make your special event more special, since you'd be able to pay special attention to each and every guest. 

Choose a simple location for a simple wedding

The beach, a beautiful park or your favorite bed and breakfast make for great places to arrange for a simple Maui ceremony

Some newlyweds prefer renting a big wedding hall to say "I do". For others, an intimate location is enough to render their wedding day unique. 

Opt for modest wedding decoration ideas

An effortless Maui ceremony calls for simple decoration ideas. If your plan is to not go overboard, opt for modest flower arrangements, colorful balloons and consider candles for a special romantic touch. 

To keep your decorations budget to a minimum, you could also ask your closest friends to give you a helping hand. The small gesture will make your guests feel important and transform your simple location into a special fairytale-like place for everyone.

Have a modest Maui wedding menu

One of the biggest costs of a wedding is the menu. It's not because the food is overpriced, but because lavish weddings usually imply multiple course dinners.

To make things simple, opt for an open wedding buffet or serve lunch instead of dinner. Have a modest reception, with simple food and drinks. It's a wonderful way to keep your guests from spending all their time sitting alone at the table. 

Maui wedding attire: keep it simple

When love is in the air, informal attire is more than enough to transform a simple day into a special celebration. 

A simple wedding dress and a casual tuxedo are not uncommon choices among modest newlyweds. Your guests will appreciate your simple approach to living happily ever after. After all, it's the happy married life that matters most. 

Getting married in Maui is a wonderful experience. The day you promise to love your spouse through eternity should be forever imprinted in your memory. 

In front of the people who matter most, you smile, you cry tears of joy and you seal the bliss with a romantic kiss. You deserve an effortless Maui wedding of your dreams.